5 PlanetPress workflow ideas

In the days when computers were big and the internet was just beginning, someone asked the question: ‘Can you help me automate my faxes?’ Not one to turn down a challenge, the guys at Objectif Lune set off to see what they could. And that was how the workflow tool began.

Prior to automation, the customer was printing their purchase orders with our technology and would fax them by hand. Because during the day, the fax was busy so they had to fax it at night or the next day making it a long process. That also meant they had to have someone in front of the fax.

And Objectif Lune was able to take an image as they printed the purchase orders on the PC and get the fax number and group the orders by fax number. Then, during the night, send out all the faxes. This is done by monitoring serial ports (the inputs) and then resend them. And in the morning everything was sent. That simple application was the first version of Watch (now called PlanetPress Workflow tool).

From its humble beginnings of just capturing faxes to the powerful tool it is today, PlanetPress workflow tool didn’t change much for PlanetPress Connect. The workflow today is still the workflow that you have learned to love. Here are 5 workflows we showcased in this blog that are pretty awesome and still stand true to PlanetPress Connect.

  1. Email notifications
    Using PlanetPress Workflow, send confirmation emails, automatic reminders, and automatic follow-up emails after a specific event. View the case study here.
  2. Web-based process launcher
    Yes, PlanetPress was able to do web-based processes prior Connect though, with Connect, it’s a lot easier. Read how you can refresh, upload, delete, and archive files with a web interface powered by PlanetPress here.
  3. One mailing
    The concatenate box is a powerful one and will allow you to join mailings to the same recipient into the same envelope. View how here.
  4. Automate records management processes
    Need two machines to talk to each other? In the case of this hospital, the document managment system needed a way to talk to the lab testing software quickly. After new regulation digital customer files were mandatory. This is where PlanetPress came in. Read more about this case here.
  5. Payroll
    If you are a small or medium organization, payroll may not be the funnest part of your day but then there is PlanetPress. Learn how you can turn a process that took hours into a few minutes here.

Hopefully this list provides you with some ideas of what PlanetPress workflow tool is capable of doing. Because the Workflow Tool provides so many possibilities – if you need data captured then sorted, split, re-arranged, saved, searchable, added, divided, merged, updated, read, …. then outputted, it can probably do it.

More information about PlanetPress Workflow tool here.