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What you should know about effective proof of delivery

Delivery slips are your best ally in proving that your customers have received their products. When all the information on the delivery slip is correct, you can prepare an invoice and trigger the billing and payment process. It’s a critical step for the soundness of your business.

But delivery slips are sometimes unpredictable: they get lost or damaged, or may contain errors. If so, the entire process—from billing to payment—gets delayed.

It’s time to leave all those problems behind and go with a solution that gives you effective digital proof of delivery.

Discover in this short video the route taken by Mr. Smart POD.

Check out our tips for effective proof of delivery process

We know how tricky proof of delivery can be, so here’s a set of tips from our various blog posts that you can read (or reread for that matter).

Stories from our customers:

Our advice:

Now you have all the tools you need to optimize your proof of delivery process. Feel free to download our infographic, which illustrates a typical day in the life of Mr. Smart POD. The result: more efficiency for your employees and greater satisfaction for your customers!

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