A solution for HTML is here at Objectif Lune

Uh-oh.  Here it comes.  I knew it was coming.  This lumbering monster.  It arrives through the door quietly but by golly is it in the room now, snarling, bristling fur and staring straight at me.  Normally I am fully armed with my PlanetPress armoury, any monster however big or small is normally vaporised, leaving customers happy with a Monster free zone of elegant document and data workflow.  There is an awkward silence in the room now and everyone is wondering what we can do about this thing…

At Objectif Lune, we have a great job, we are armed with wonderful tools to help people with their monster problems.  These monsters are inadvertently created by trying to build efficient document process from data that starts in a legacy, mainframe or accounting systems.  We normally get a call that starts with “Hey Guys, we want to make this invoice that comes from our strange back end system, do something cool”.  We load up our tools and set off, a Monster free zone is not far away.  That is until someone says “HTML Email” and this particular lumbering hairy Monster is created.  Then the customer says “it would also be great to add a button in the email to let the customer pay us easier”.  The sweat appears at the top of the forehead, hands get a bit clammy.  Then someone else adds “wouldn’t it be god to also allow a customer to choose the method which they want to get the invoice, print, email or web”.  By this point the Monster is laughing at us, stroking his chin in delight, this monster knows that we don’t have the weapons.  Uh-oh.

Living in an HTML kind of world

You see, we have all created this monster.  We all walk round with our devices, be them phone, tablet or laptop, these are permanently connected to the world we call the Internet.  The kingdom of the internet is a wonderful place, information is shared very quickly, items are purchased with a single click and we all now know what everyone was doing in their weekends. In essence, we are all connected to this kingdom all of the time day and night.  It’s understandable that companies want to take advantage of this connection, they want to ensure that when they send us invoices or statements for the goods and services we have purchased we see them immediately and not have to wait for the dear old postman to pop something through the letterbox a few days later.  The monster arrives because in most cases the system that companies use to run their business does not understand how to creative adaptive transactional emails, these systems can just about print a paper invoice.  Never mind make it look cool on a smartphone.

Say hello to the Internet

Fortunately, the armouries division in Objectif Lune are a smart bunch.  They have understood where the monsters are, why they are created and built us new tools, new cool tools.  Now we can design our documents in common technologies like HTML and CSS.  We can capture the data better from systems using our new Data Mapper.  We can now send an invoice to any device, make it adaptive to the screen, allow customers to press a button to pay direct from the invoice and while you are doing it we can help you to tweet how happy you are.  Legacy and Mainframe systems say Hello to the Internet.  Say goodbye to the Monsters.  The great joy for me is that these new tools are really easy to use, what might seem complex ideas are easily delivered, making the process of building fantastic document and data workflows very easy indeed.

Objectif Lune.  Workflow Monster Slayers.

Today we introduce our newest toolset, learn what it can do for you at Objectiflune.com