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Turn your customers into fans thanks to great customer experience

Great customer experience is a key sustainable competitive advantage and differentiator, not just nice to have.

“Gartner research shows that, by 2016, 89% of companies believe that customer experience will be their primary basis for competition, versus 36% four years ago.” – Gartner, 2015

The number of organizations indicating customer experience as their primary basis for competition is indeed high.
In Accenture’s research, customer experience was important to the strategic priorities for 85% of executives in B2B companies; relevant investments are also going up year-over-year for 88%.

This important mind shift is the outcome of a realization.

Technology and products can be replicated. But an organization-wide, technology-driven, dedicated culture of delivering outstanding customer experience is hard to mimic.

This is the reason why customer experience excellence is rare, but on the rise nonetheless, as organizations grasp its value and invest accordingly.

And organizations have every reason to improve the experience they offer and put their customers at the center of every decision, policy and initiative.

We know that customer-centric organizations do better. It isn’t difficult to understand how. They excel at the most critical part of a great customer experience: customer communications management (CCM).

They create loyal customers and brand advocates, who spend more and recommend them. Why? Because they generate communications that are:

  • consistent
  • personalized
  • relevant
  • interactive
  • digitally enhanced
  • just-in-time

And these customer-centric organizations succeed in creating fans. Fans are customers that you’ll keep longer and that will help you gain new opportunities by engaging in positive word of mouth.

Do you want to offer this personalized and consistent, digital (or not) communication? Are you ready to offer the right communication to the right customer at the right time with the right personalization employing the right channel?
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