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2019, a year of digital reckoning

14 / 2 / 2019 BY

Every new year brings an opportunity to revisit what was done (or not) in the past, re-assess and come up with new resolutions. 2019 will be no exception. And although there are plenty of new exciting technology trends out there (AI, blockchain, Robotic Process Automation etc.), we believe 2019 should be a year of reflection, of revisiting concepts we already know – but don’t quite get – and redefining them. > Read More

Automate accounts receivable to ensure the integrity of data

13 / 12 / 2018 BY

One of our clients, a sporting equipment company, was in the process of examining its systems and processes. This impressive company had been growing rapidly. It was producing more than 65,000 invoices a month, and up to 3,000 were being disputed on a monthly basis. The accounts receivable staff was large, but they couldn’t handle all the work manually and meet the deadlines. See how the company automated its processes and digitized their accounts receivable. > Read More

3 characteristics of millennial consumers

22 / 11 / 2018 BY

Nearly half of B2B buyers are millennials. That’s why it makes sense for businesses to adapt their processes and communication methods to this particular target. But how do you meet the needs of millennials? How do you communicate with them? We’ll help you figure it out!> Read More

3 caractéristiques des consommateurs milléniaux

22 / 11 / 2018 BY

près de la moitié des acheteurs B2B sont des milléniaux. Une bonne raison pour que les entreprises adaptent leurs processus et modes de communications à cette cible spécifique. Mais comment répondre aux besoins de ces milléniaux? Comment communiquer avec eux? On vous aide à déchiffrer tout ça!> Read More

L’importance du support technique humain pour l’expérience client

8 / 11 / 2018 BY

L’automatisation est un des grands changements amenés par la transformation digitale. Celui le plus communément appliqué par les grandes ou petites entreprises. Mais tout ne peut pas être automatisé… Il ne faut pas oublier qu’au bout de la ligne, ces compagnies font affaire avec des clients; des êtres humains, qui ont des besoins et attentes spécifiques, que la technologie ne peut pas toujours combler. Découvrez dans quels cas le support technique humain est préconisé et pourquoi il a autant d’importance aujourd’hui.> Read More

The importance of human technical support for the customer experience

8 / 11 / 2018 BY

Automation is one of the big changes brought about by digital transformation. Yet not everything can be automated . . . Remember that ultimately companies do business with customers, who are human beings with specific needs and expectations that technology cannot always fulfil. Let’s take a look at where human tech support is recommended and why it’s so important in today’s world.> Read More

A step back in time: the origin of invoices and accounts receivable

1 / 11 / 2018 BY

Invoices are an essential part of any business, as they were in the past. And invoicing is vital to companies if they want to get paid and maintain their liquidity. If we take a look back in time, we realize that businesses have always relied on accounting processes. Invoices weren’t just invented yesterday—in fact, they’re even older than you think . . .> Read More

Origine des comptes clients et factures, une histoire très ancienne

1 / 11 / 2018 BY

Aucune entreprise ne peut se passer de factures. Ni aujourd’hui, ni même par le passé. C’est le document qui lui permet d’être payée et lui assure ses liquidités. Si on remonte l’Histoire, on se rend compte que depuis toujours, les échanges marchands reposent sur des processus comptables. La facture ne date pas d’hier et est même bien plus ancienne qu’on l’imagine… > Read More

Overview of the effectiveness of direct mail: 3 highlights

18 / 10 / 2018 BY

Direct mail remains a very popular communication channel for businesses, particularly when it comes to invoicing. Yet many companies have announced they are moving away from direct mail and opting for digital communications. But is that indeed the case? To help you form your own opinion, here are a few facts and stats about direct mail.> Read More