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SMBs faced with specific software needs

28 / 3 / 2019 BY

Small and medium-size businesses often differ from large companies in terms of their internal operations: their processes are not yet fully automated and they have to consider their resources when making technological choices. They have a smaller budget and fewer employees to do the work. This is reflected in their software needs and the types of things they want to do with it. Knowing these differences and their expectations makes it possible to better target the solutions developed for SMBs. So here is what SMBs expect from a software package.> Read More

PME: des besoins logiciels spécifiques à combler

28 / 3 / 2019 BY

Dans un contexte de transformation digitale, même les petites et moyennes entreprises revoient leurs processus et tentent d’adopter des solutions logicielles plus efficaces. Mais les PME ont des besoins en logiciels propres à leur infrastructure. Voici un aperçu de leurs besoins lorsqu'elles évaluent un nouveau logiciel pour leurs processus.> Read More