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Story of a Lunie: Web technology, interconnectivity and time savings

Mathieu de Lorimier is a solution developer on Objectif Lune’s Professional Services team. He develops and implements our solutions based on client needs, both in Canada and the US. When he arrived at Objectif Lune six months ago, after having worked in the web application world, he took a fresh look at what OL Connect can do, and he feels the possibilities are endless!


What exactly do you do at Objectif Lune?

I was brought on board to work in a number of areas. For example, I help the Sales team analyze customer needs in order to check the feasibility of their projects. Then I put the solution in place from start to finish at the client site; the time it takes for the implementation varies quite a bit based on the scope of the solution they want. Lastly, I help the Support team with very specific web technology issues. I came to Objectif Lune with expertise focused on web applications, so I can help out when web language issues come up.

What did you think of the OL Connect technology when you first got here?

The Connect technology is like a carpenter’s toolbox. A carpenter has the best tools possible to do his work, but that’s not all there is to it. The tools are only part of the reason he can do a top-notch job; it’s the combination of his tools and expertise that allows him to excel. The Objectif Lune technology provides me with the best tools available to automate and optimize business processes.

With OL Connect, we can go really far in developing new solutions because the web technology is so versatile. We can produce forms for mobile with the same flexibility and features that a native application would provide, but at a lower cost and faster speed.

What’s more, there’s no drastic change in the process because we take the customer’s circumstances into consideration. If the customer is used to clicking Print to trigger a process that will send out their communications, we won’t change that step. We’ll make things happen in the background.

I find the biggest advantage is that we ultimately offer two solutions in one. In one solution, we capture all of your data and automate your internal processes, while in the other, online forms and interactive communications become possible. In this market, I’ve often seen people having to buy two different solutions to get the same result. Not only does the project become complex, but it’s very costly.

Tell us a bit about some of the projects on which you’ve left your mark

My first project is one of the best examples, not because it was a large project but because we helped our clients save a lot of time in their day-to-day work, and I saw the benefits of PlanetPress. The client was a bank. What they needed was to be able to sort the numerous  returned items each day in PDF. They printed them and sorted them manually according to the client’s branch, the city, and even the number of items. It took forever! In the end, we implemented a solution that allowed them to sort even before printing. The documents are now in batches, ready to be mailed directly. It has saved them tons of time!

A little after I started working at Objectif Lune, I developed a solution of online forms for a building systems company. Thanks to the Capture OnTheGo solution, the technicians on the road now have access to their list of clients for the day. When they click on a client, a form comes up and needs to be filled in step by step. Some fields are compulsory and, if they’re not completed, the form can’t be validated, which reduces the risk of human error. Technicians can enter the time spent, photos of the site and even the things they had to buy to do their repair. Once the form is completed, it’s sent directly to the office and transferred to the company’s ERP.

While doing this project, I became aware of Capture OnTheGo’s flexibility. The solutions it offers are much cheaper than those offered by a native application, but equally well built.

What’s your overall impression of Capture OnTheGo?

I believe that it’s part of the added value you get from Objectif Lune. I think you can develop lots of incredible projects with this application and make life easier for workers on the road, as well as in other situations where interactivity is crucial.

We live in an age of interconnectivity. Clients want access to all of their data spread over a number of systems to offer better communications. And with Capture OnTheGo, you can interact with virtually anything and make the data available online.