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Simplify your customer communications and make them more relevant!

As a person who works in marketing, I love that the services and products I help promote are useful to people. At Objectif Lune, we really help people in their daily work. We simplify their lives and help them solve problems that have usually dragged on for years. Often, customers set these problems aside because they say the issues weren’t serious enough to look for help. But once the problem is solved, they quickly realize how much trouble they were having for nothing— and for years! In short, we help with small things that don’t dramatically change everything but allow them to concentrate on what’s important.

A few weeks ago, Alexandre Delcroix, Information Systems (IS) Officer at Proxelia took the time to write to our support team: “I have finished my first PlanetPress project and am extremely satisfied with the solution and your support.” I contacted him to find out precisely how we had helped him and what he thought of our PlanetPress Connect solution.

Alexandre Delcroix

Here is how we helped him simplify his customer communications and make them more relevant!

Can you tell me a little about PROXELIA and your role in the company?

PROXELIA is an electricity supplier with a strong position in the business and agricultural market in the Hauts de France region. With strong growth recorded in 2016, we have to meet many challenges to consolidate and pursue our development.


Benefiting from a dynamic team and sound investments, we are improving our offering every day.

As IS Officer, my role is to help define operations and then to implement and control those operations through the information system. The projects are fascinating and diverse, ranging from data processing to billing to implementation of services in order to bring value directly to our customers.

Why did you decide to use a solution like PlanetPress? What problems were you seeking to solve?

Regulation and the market make supplying electricity a complex and segmented business. Our customers don’t have to be burdened with this complexity, and PlanetPress allows me to adapt how we produce documents so that we only offer clear and really useful information.

What was your first project with PlanetPress?

We produced a management leaflet that brings together the essential points of billing for the past year for our business customers. The result is exceeding our expectations and we have reached, in one month, the same level as our sector’s major players.

What did you like most about PlanetPress?

PlanetPress is a solution that lives us to expectations in terms of deadlines and features. We really feel we have made a key investment in our development. The product is extremely flexible and can be handled in-house. So we can be reactive and respond efficiently to many problems. We can also count on excellent support from Objectif Lune.

Are you considering using PlanetPress again?

In 2017, all documents that go out to our customers will be migrated to PlanetPress. So my answer is definitely “yes.”