Role of printing service providers in transition

The business of printing service provider is evolving rapidly. Customers’ needs are changing and digitizing, and printing service providers must adapt.

One of our customers had to deal with this reality. The company had a fairly vast customer database, with varied communications needs. But customers are calling for more multichannel communications within a fairly short deadline. If deadlines tighten, there is no question that quality will be sacrificed.

We are entering an era when high-volume printing is giving way to higher-quality luxury printing. Jobs are being printed in smaller quantities but with higher value added. Quality is sought beyond quantity. Printing is not disappearing, but it is being redesigned.

Value added of paper printing: personalization

Ask yourself: when you receive an email ad, what do you do? It’s very likely you delete it, after looking at it barely a few seconds. On the other hand, what do you do with beautiful quality print ads you receive in your mailbox? Like 70% of Americans, it is very likely you’ll open them anyway, “just to see” (according to Experian Data Quality).

Why? Although curiosity may be a key motivator, it’s mainly because you feel that direct mail ads are more personal than email. Especially if the advertising is more attractive and personalized. If it contains a name and address and is based on the recipient’s centres of interest, the retention rate is much better.

Also, paper printing influences minds because it materializes the recipient’s feeling. He knows it is easier to send a multiple mailing digitally (by mass email) than to send paper mail. He is aware of the efforts and resources mobilized to produce quality printing: time, money, creativity… The recipient then feels privileged.

The impact of quality printing on sales

Sending quality printing, whether to end users or companies, is always appreciated. The impact in terms of sales is not negligible. According to Experian Data Quality, people who receive direct mail advertising spend about 28% more than those who received nothing.

In the United States, 9.8 billion catalogues were printed and distributed to recipients’ mailboxes in 2016. And this wasn’t in vain: over 100 million Americans proceeded with a purchase based on a printed catalogue! This leaves a fair amount of work for printing service providers.

The complementary relationship between printing and digital

Paper printing and digital printing are not incompatible. They complement each other perfectly. Many communications may find their starting point in quality paper media and end up online. For example, consider paper invoices, which are digitally archived. Or invitations whose recipients register on the Web.

In the case of direct mail advertising, it is recognized that 60% of the recipients visit the website if the ad mentions one. This shows once again that today’s users have multiple needs, and that print ads are a quality showcase that allow the sender to stand out.

At Objectif Lune, we help you evolve to this goal. We offer you tools to personalize your communications and spin them out over various media, whether digital or not.  Don’t hesitate to request a free consultation to determine how we can help you!