PlanetPress for Work: Email Notifications

“I’m excited to categorize data so I know who to send emails to” said nobody ever. As a marketer, I enjoying hearing about what users think about our products and finding out ways to communicate to them. But something I do not like doing is, thinking about what needs to happen with the data to get that done and actually hitting the send button. For all the bulk email senders out there, I know you feel me.

So what’s the solution?

geekvsnon-geek repetitve tasks

This picture, in my opinion, is the epitomy of what PlanetPress Workflow is, substituting geek for PlanetPress user. We don’t talk a lot about the workflow tool but I believe it’s the soul of PlanetPress, the essence of its existence. And a great solution to those tasks that are the funniest for anybody.

And that’s why today I want to highlight how cool it is by showcasing an implementation inspired by one we recently finished with a PlanetPress Customer/lover.

Their implementation is a standard one but in one ‘non-existence’ action, shows you just how PlanetPress can change your life.

The Process

The process is simple: Send emails to students and teachers to notify them of the start of each course. With PlanetPress the process has 3 easy steps for the user…

1. Keep filling up your database.

2. 10am all notifications are sent automatically.

3. Nobody missing class.

How it works

Nobody needs to man the ‘notification sending’ desk. PlanetPress Workflow goes into your database compares today’s date to the date column in your database and a notification is sent to both the student and teacher who has a course starting the following day. And volia, no more filtering through data or forgeting to send notifications.

So, yup, this means you can do anything. PlanetPress is not just for splitting documents to get postal discounts. It’s a powerful automation tool that we believe can ‘make your lives better’. And what I love about PlanetPress is, it listens to you and does whatever you want.

Just think of the possibilities!