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Personalized messages make successful campaigns

Do you get promotional offers that aren’t right for you? Are you a swimmer who keeps getting promos for running shoes? Do you get sales advertisements for the wrong tires for your car (the end of every winter and summer in my case)?

Just like you, your customers don’t like receiving generic communications that really aren’t relevant to them and these ads often end up in the trash or result in unsubscribes.

Moreover, proper personalization doesn’t just limit damage, to the contrary – it pays off! +24% response rate, +23% receipts, +18% order size, +20% repeat orders.* 

At this time, all you can probably personalize in your communications is your customers’ first and last names. It’s a start but it’s not enough. You can go even further.

Here are a few tricks for optimizing your campaigns and making more personal contact with your customers.

Every element of a promotional communication can be personalized

First and last names are far from being the only elements that can be personalized in a communication. To be as relevant as possible, it’s in your interest to personalize the body of your text as well as your illustrations or any other elements you wish to add. This should all be easy to do using just one tool.

Use your data, make it variable and make the right rules for you

Personalizing messages is possible thanks to variable data and conditions, i.e. the rules you put in place based on your promotional campaign requirements. These conditions will act as guidelines for the data, which will automatically appear in the right place when the document is sent by e-mail or printed.
You can import lists of data in various formats and use it through variable fields available to you when designing the document.
Every degree of personalization is then possible. You can base your communications on any information you have on your customers: personal data, purchasing history, etc.

E-mail or printed: It all depends on the customer

For even greater customer satisfaction and reinforcing the message, you can decide to send your message through the channel your customer prefers: mail or e-mail.
This is all done through one and the same tool without having to go back to the drawing board on your design work. There are solutions that can easily generate and personalize multichannel communications.

Do you think your communications could benefit from this type of solution? Look no further. We have what you need.

*Source: Trans Meets Promo… Is It More Than Market Hype? InfoTrends