Digital Transformation

Our recommendations for making your company digital

Benoît Potvin has worked in the computer software field for 10 years. Every day he is faced with companies that make the leap into digital transformation, whether to automate procedures or scan their documents.

In the past, he was also a trainer: he ensured the users had all the tools to be able to use the new software deployed. He is therefore in a good position to talk about the challenges companies face when they initiate a change to digital processes.

1.      People want to see it to believe it

When automation, archiving or storage is in question, the advantages are sometimes intangible. The users need to “see it to believe it”. They won’t settle for promises without proof. So make sure your vendor shows you an actual sample or a proof of concept. Ask your vendor for results throughout the implementation period.

Once the solution is delivered, your users will want to be in command of the solution. Solicit a skills transfer so that you learn all the ins and outs of the solution and make your users autonomous.

2.      There must be an upstream strategy

Transforming a company’s processes requires prior reflection. You must know what you are looking for in digital and what objectives are sought. For example, if you are undertaking to store your documents digitally, the question of archiving must be considered over the long term. If this is done on a server, will it still exist a few years from now? But you also must remain flexible to reflect reality. Being adaptable is essential, because technology evolves rapidly and sometimes changes the predetermined plans.

3.      Debunk the false beliefs of digital

Digital transformation doesn’t mean everything must be “computerized”. Resistance to change often derives its source from false prejudices. People have the perception that they will be invaded by technology, that they will be out of their depth because they aren’t technically oriented. They even imagine they’re going to have to do programming. However, the goal of digital transformation is precisely to make the processes more efficient. Reassure your employees: they may have to change some habits, but it isn’t necessary to learn a programming language or have to attend several days of training…

Today, technology is accessible to everyone. The proof: most people have smartphones, regardless of their age. A transition period certainly will be necessary, with coexistence of manual and digital processes.

At Objectif Lune, we support you on the path to digital transformation. We guide you and assist you at your own pace! Contact us to determine what solution best suits your company!

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