Our most popular articles in 2018

The year 2018 was certainly marked by the strides made in digital transformation across many industries.

Google Trends shows the growing popularity of the term “digital transformation” in the past five years.

Digital transformation and the print industry, key topics in 2018

The concept has attracted attention on our blog as well, yet the printing industry remains a big concern for businesses!

As proof, here is a list of the 5 most viewed articles by our readers:

  1. Consider the differences between traditional and digital businesses: Traditional businesses are facing a different set of circumstances than businesses born in the digital era. Knowing those differences can be a powerful lever in carrying out your business. They each have specific needs and unique capabilities. By considering the differences, you can build a more qualitative, and thus more effective, business relationship!
  2. How traditional companies can compete with born-digital companies?: Today, two types of business coexist: those born in the digital era and those born long before, “traditional” businesses. So how can traditional businesses persevere? Here are some tips to help traditional businesses to stay competitive in this digital world.
  3. The (digital) transformation of the Printing Industry: Print Service Providers (PSPs) are no strangers to transformation. With a long history of reinvention and overcoming adversities, they are once again adapting to the new digital reality. Among companies that are growing, a clear majority attributes their growth to securing more clients, more work from current clients or increasing client retention. In other words, what moved them forward is their active pursuit of results, and not general favorable business conditions that otherwise would have helped everyone in theory. This change carries a certain weight since business conditions have been harsh for commercial printers.
  4. What’s happening in the insurance industry in terms of digital transformation?: The insurance industry is lagging in its digital transformation. It appears to be in the vulnerability phase, which is characterized by low innovation and structural inefficiencies. So what are the digital options available and how insurers can embark on a digital transformation?
  5. The impact of digital transformation on business communications: Business communications are in the crosshairs of digital transformation, because customers who are already functioning in a digital world expect to be able to communicate that way. This change is growing to include communications with suppliers and staff. So here’s an overview of the impact of digital transformation on communications for traditional businesses.

To end the year on a high note, there’s no new article on digital transformation to bolster the supply of information on the Web. It’s time to make way for 2019 and the challenges that lie ahead: artificial intelligence, cloud, big data, augmented reality, robotic process automation, etc. I will be here to keep you abreast of the latest developments in the industry.

Meanwhile, I’d like to wish you a wonderful holiday season surrounded by family and friends. Here’s wishing 2019 will be prosperous and filled with new projects and happiness.

Come back in January 2019 for more advice, trends and industry news!