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Optimize delivery without drastically changing the way you do business

When you deliver products, you have a golden opportunity to interact with your customers. For example, when I have a positive experience with a company that is delivering something to me, I want to do business with them even more. That’s when the company becomes real to me, since I’m interacting with its delivery person, not a computer, and I’m finally getting the product I had been anxiously awaiting! What is a positive delivery experience? Promptness, of course, but that’s not all. Interactivity plays a key role; I like to be able to get real-time confirmation that my package has arrived or that it was indeed delivered. I also like to be contacted quickly if I’ve noticed an error in my delivery. In other words, I appreciate it when the company delivering to me is reactive.

Remember that when you deliver to another company, an employee will be the one receiving the package and, like me, the employee is used to a quality experience, whether ordering clothes or electronics online.

More than 300 delivery slips handled manually!

One of our customers, who specializes in wholesale office supplies, was still working with paper not too long ago. This customer usually handled 300—and sometimes an average of 600—delivery slips a month!

Once the deliveries for the day were completed, the delivery person would bring the signed slips back to the office. The slips were then checked, scanned and matched with the original orders. It was a very long and onerous process and resulted in:

  • false or incomplete information
  • lost or damaged slips
  • no real-time messages to the customer
  • delayed billing

So they wanted to go to the next level to be able to optimize their delivery processes and, in the meantime, provide better service to their customers.

A digital management solution for dealing with delivery slips

We advised our customer to integrate a digital solution for managing their delivery slips.

Now the driver captures the information on a standard tablet and the information is sent to the office instantaneously. Delivery slips are no longer mislaid by the delivery person, and the customers are kept posted on the status each step of the way.

A process has been put in place to direct information to the right place, whether deliveries go smoothly or need greater attention. For example, if a package is damaged, the slip is transferred to an employee who finds out what happened and can contact the customer right away to offer a second delivery or a refund. If there are no problems, the slip is automatically validated and matched with the original order. So invoices can be generated much more quickly than before.

In addition, the option of adding photos to the delivery slip makes the end customer feel that the company is listening and dealing with their problem quickly. All this makes for an optimal customer experience.

You’re probably thinking that this type of solution is only designed for companies with deep pockets. Think again—and take a look at our services!

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