Increase your printing service sales by enhancing the online customer experience!

Have you ever thought of providing a better customer experience to increase sales?  It has become increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd solely by introducing new products and services. Especially in the printing industry, which was has been around for many years, it’s hard to innovate and find ways to really get ahead of the competition by constantly renewing your services. Nonetheless, there is a way to not only stay competitive, but also to significantly increase your sales: provide a better experience when customers do business with you!

Your current customers are vital to your business; they’ve already chosen you over the competition. Keeping an existing customer costs much less than attracting new ones. So it’s worth your while to make sure they are satisfied with the service they’re getting.  Happy customers will contribute to your business for years to come by purchasing services and recommending you to the people they know.

It is difficult to set yourself apart from the competition based on your speed or print quality, but you can get a step ahead by providing a quality customer experience.

These days, the quality of the customer experience is primarily defined by what you offer online to your customers. For the most part, people are increasingly accustomed to using interactive online services—in all areas of their personal and work lives. Not being able to provide such services penalizes you in terms of staying competitive.

Do you like shopping online? Do you like it even more when it’s a pleasant experience?  Think about it. You too are a customer and, like everyone else, you’re probably more inclined to buy from a company that makes your life easier and provides a pleasant experience when you make purchases. Your customers have the same expectations!

What exactly is meant by quality online service? Here are three factors to keep in mind.

Available 24\7

Around the clock service gives you a competitive edge; 9 to 5 just won’t cut it. Customers expect to be able to get service at any time. Plenty of new companies have a more flexible model in terms of their hours, and they provide evening and weekend services, or perhaps operate on a different time zone. Customers want to be able to order printing services at any given time.

Interactivity and the ability to make choices

Giving your customers the opportunity to pick certain options and view the result is an advantage that can be offered online. You should let your customers preview and select their options (header, insert, format, window, etc.) and then approve the final version in a web interface.

The resulting speed of service

When you make an online order, you usually expect it to go through quickly, because you assume that it’s being processed digitally rather than manually. With an online service, you can usually automate the next steps easily, because everything is already computerized, grouped or sorted. Think about the time you can save if you don’t have to manage each print service request by hand. The initial steps to process the order have all been done by the customer! All that remains to be done is to start the printing.

Are you wondering how you can easily offer all of these benefits to your customers? Visit us to learn more about our online solution for consolidating print and mail jobs.