Centralize your small print jobs in your internal processes

Small and medium-sized businesses often end up producing small amounts of mail that does not go through its printing department. And some companies simply don’t have a department responsible for printing or mail.

So each department can find itself producing and sending out ad hoc mail. This mail is for its own needs and deadlines, and other departments are not consulted. Printing and mailing is done a little at a time and is unstructured. However, if the company could pool its efforts, it could optimize printing and take advantage of mail rebates. But that’s not the only thing!

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), document production costs account for 5% to 15% of a company’s revenue. But by putting a system in place to better control printing and mailing, companies can save up to 30% on printing costs. So how can this mail be centralized and integrated into the company’s processes?

Make mailings more cost-effective by amalgamating print requests

By implementing document management software, companies can centralize their requests. They can organize, sort and prioritize print jobs.

Instead of handling requests in isolation, employees simply submit their requests through the software. Those requests are examined and compiled in batches of the same size, weight or deadline to optimize printing and mailing and to reduce mailing costs.

Rules can be configured in the software to prioritize print jobs and determine the technical and logistical conditions: e.g. two-sided, colour, logos, urgent, registered mail.

Greater control and better mail tracking

By reintroducing small print requests into an internal process, the company will benefit by having a clearer overview of the print requests and mailings. Based on the fact that 90% of companies do not have data on their printing expenses (Gartner), this information is vital in maximizing the cost-effectiveness of the process.

The company will gain more control over its mail and ensure consistency in all of its communications. Mail items will also contain fewer errors, with the software guaranteeing that addresses are correct and complete. Thanks to a barcode system, the documents can then be directly inserted into the corresponding envelopes. Finally, the company can keep track of its mailings and then store a copy either physically or virtually, as the case may be.

Optimizing outgoing mail: benefits to the customer relationship

Optimizing printing and outgoing mail does not mean producing more. On the contrary, the materials produced will be of better quality. If mailings are printed indiscriminately, it is very costly for a company. And recipients may get annoyed at all the paper they’re receiving.

By having a better view of all print requests, the company can decide on the best medium for each communication. Should this item be sent only in paper format? Or does it need to be sent by email as well? Is the digital version sufficient? Can the company can take full advantage of multichannel options and enhance the user experience by choosing the medium expected by its customers?

More importantly, communications will improve. Printing will be more qualitative because of increased control, and it may be faster. Since the company can plan its printing and mailing, items can be mailed on a timely basis. By looking ahead, the company will save a considerable amount of time and ensure a positive effect on recipients.

Are you looking to optimize your print jobs and ad hoc mailings? We have a solution to suit your needs that will not interfere with your current systems! You are welcome to visit our website and ask to speak to an advisor.