Groupe LDL + PlanetPress = <3

Marketing is sometimes looked at as a dirty word, mostly focused on selling things to people.

But I believe marketing is more than that. Marketing can bring great products into the world and in front of consumers that need it. Admittedly, messages are sometimes exaggerated but when the messages truly reflect how consumers will benefit, marketing becomes a vehicle for happiness.

Just recently, I saw how my marketing messages was just that. I got a chance to meet up with some customers and was blown away by the genuine, not-paid-for love for us and saw my marketing messages all come out in their interview.

Who we helped

The company I visited was Groupe LDL. They provide language courses to corporations all across Canada and they employ hundreds of teachers. That means thousands of transactions. The amount of manual work they were doing was impressive. Amongst the hundreds of teachers, the headquarters also includes the accounting and operations department.

Before PlanetPress, they had to do file management for attendance, billing, follow-up emails, filing, archiving, and more. All manually. For more details, read our case study.

Quotes don’t lie

This meeting, post PlanetPress, they were overwhelmed with the results and gave us real people quotes. Here are a few great lines Group LDL used to describe PlanetPress:

“You have no idea how It improved the way we work. We can focus on our real job, and even our customers benefit from it.”

“Now we concentrate on creating new ideas, instead of filing paper.”

“We now give 1 training/month to teachers. Before it was 2 a year. We had no time.”

“At the beginning of sessions, I used to come in at work around 7am, and leave at 6pm. Now I am closer to a regular 9 to 5 schedule.”

“It gives us a real advantage on the competition”

Marketing can also spreads happiness

So yes, marketing can be just sale pitches but my job as a marketer at Objectif Lune is more than that. It’s to spread happiness, bring value, and tell truths.

The best part is, when people are happy about PlanetPress, they are ecstatic. They want to do more. They can’t stop talking about it which makes my job of spreading the word easier. Check out the Community Hightlights section of the blog to read about more happy fans.

I believe we are doing marketing right at Objectif Lune and that’s why I like it here.