Keeping Your Clients Happy by Combining Print and Digital Mailings

People keep telling you it’s time to make the switch to digital, insisting you’ll be facing a bleak future if you do not broaden your service offerings.

Rest assured, that is simply not so. Print media is far from dead! Your clients will continue mailing out their campaign material, and rightly so, as paper-based promotional messaging has a real impact on consumers.

However, while this is true, it is also true that the digital landscape is quickly gaining ground, and you likely have more and more clients asking you to distribute their personalized promotional emails. Unfortunately, you are either currently unable to address their requests or, if you are able, you’re finding the process quite difficult to manage.

In addition, as your clients’ requests become increasingly complex, you find yourself needing a solution that would not only allow you to handle mail and email distribution, but also make it possible to personalize the messaging. This boils down to being able to leverage the power of Variable Data for both print and email, which is quite the challenge!

When considering the possibility of expanding your services to encompass digital technology, you fear it would require an investment you just can’t justify, not to mention the additional training of your staff and potential new hires down the road. When all is said and done, would it really be that profitable?

You’d like to find an easy way to combine print and digital services, without going broke or significantly increasing your workload, while also allowing you to better meet your clients’ needs.

What is your ideal solution?

  • A single tool to compose variable data documents for print or email.
  • The ability to share your clients’ graphic resources between your document designs, for both Web and print purposes, or start your design using existing Web content.
  • Configure print and email parameters separately.
  • The ability to receive all types of data, as well as digital and print files.
  • Automatic distribution of your clients’ mail and email with the peace of mind of knowing that the right message is going to the right person.

Are you wondering whether such a solution actually exists? Look no further! Just head over to