Jeff Dean AI & Machine Learning

Jeff Dean is Taking AI from Science Fiction to Reality at Google!

Objectif Lune specializes in optimizing routines and processes removing extensive manual aspects of communication and documentation increasing efficiency. With technology, however, we are not the only ones working to increase operational and business efficiency; Google is doing their part as well with the help of Jeff Dean.

Google’s AI chief-Jeff Dean- has become such a powerhouse of a name when it comes to AI and Machine learning that he has become the Chuck Norris of AI with memes and sayings such as: Jeff Dean once bit a spider, the spider got superpowers and C++ readability” and “Jeff Dean’s PIN is the last 4 digits of pi.”

What is Machine Learning and AI exactly?

Machine learning is the scientific study of algorithms and statistical models that machines can use to perform tasks, and simply put, AI is a machine’s ability to execute tasks “smartly”, in other words, AI’s use machine learning for deeper learning, and just general knowledge acquisition.

What does AI and Machine Learning mean for businesses?

For Jeff, AI and Machine Learning allows him to focus on the technological advancements of self-driving cars and domestic robots. What’s more, is that machines able to actively handle time-consuming tasks will filter down to many more applications.

Jeff Dean AI and Machine Learning

AI and Machine learning are extremely interesting for Objectif Lune and should be for most businesses; they have the potential to augment automation and efficiency even more. Imagine, having computers and systems like OL Connect that can recognize mundane tasks before even needing to be expressly coded, and complete them? Automation is already saving businesses incredible amounts of money from time, resources, and manpower; imagine if the time spent programming these systems was reduced? Businesses would save on the automated front, and save even more money on the cost of IT applications. Those IT employees could then focus even more on their own more detailed work.

What is Jeff’s Part in All This?

An example of the kinds of actions machines will be able to do, is the placement of circuits on microchips. It takes people longer to measure and deduce the best placements for circuits. A machine, on the other hand, could do the same more efficiently and with higher precision. This would free up experts to focus precisely on what they are specialized in.

These tasks often referred to as menial “grunt work”, people would rather avoid and focus on what they do best. Avoiding them will save experts time allowing them to work without wasting time on tasks that could be mechanically completed.

The Takeaway

Objectif Lune specializes in optimizing paper-based business processes; while we do focus on rendering correspondence, document delivery, and communications quicker; there are numerous things we do that could benefit from what Jeff is working on.

What would happen if time-consuming, laborious tasks were automated, removing human errors associated with them? What else could your business do in the time spent focused exactly on the tasks you hired your experts to complete?