It’s A (New) Kind Of Magic

Fifteen years ago, my eyesight was better, I had more energy and my desire to do miraculous things was at its peak.

My early applications were definitely printer centric. That is to say, it was all about making printers do things that even the manufacturers didn’t know was possible. Words & phrases like “PostScript level 2 caching”, “subset finishing”, “minimal bandwidth”, “writing to the printers hard disc” and “mixplexing” where part of my everyday language. To the uninitiated – and like anything new and unknown – it was a kind of magic!

In those days the quality and sophistication of the printer engine was everything – we added value like very few people could.

We’re not in 2000 anymore, Colin

Agreed, over the years networks have gotten faster and PCs have become cheaper and much more powerful which means a lot of the printer centric document production has been replaced by report generators that can do the same job. IT guys (and girls) are the new document production specialists, although there’s still room for a little bit of magic from us.

They still need us to solve their post composition problems, such as sorting & grouping, optimising for print and even extracting information to connect to other systems and provide reports. This along with document workflow and automation certainly keeps us busy, but the “artistry” of what we used to do is not the same.

Our next big trick

I guess, I’ve been waiting for our next big trick and the good news is that I’ve seen it and touched it, it has a name – PlanetPress Connect – and it’s coming soon. So with a bit of luck and a bigger monitor – it seems multi-channel content creation using HTML, CSS and JavaScript is here. It’s new and – to the uninitiated – is another unknown… Another kind of magic!

Stay tuned for January 20th for our next big thing.