ad hoc mail consolidation

Increase print volume by adding ad hoc mail

Did you know that a typical office worker prints an average of 10,000 pages a year (Office Print Policy Guide)? Whether it’s to send invoices or to print delivery slips or customer mail, companies continue to print a fair number of documents.  That’s why they’re delegating an increasing number of jobs to print service providers. By doing so, they can eliminate the costs of maintaining printers and carrying out all the tasks associated with printing and sending mail.

Ad hoc mail: an untapped opportunity

Meanwhile, a lot of ad hoc mail is still not outsourced: we’re talking about those one-off documents that get produced as needs arise. Let’s take a look at an office worker who wants to thank a few suppliers for a personalized discount. She would first have to create a special letter and then get it signed by her supervisor. All of these small print jobs can quickly get out of hand and are very time-consuming. Even though they’re one-off jobs, they may be repeated in a number of departments, which adds up by the end of the month. This ad hoc (often impromptu) mail is costly and error-prone, since it’s handled manually.

As a print service provider, you may find a real opportunity in ad hoc mail. Since your customers already trust you with their large printing orders, they could also give you their small unexpected jobs. It would allow you to increase your print volume and include those minor ad hoc jobs with the major orders you’re currently working on. It doesn’t involve a great deal of extra work and may be of net benefit to you!

3 benefits to including ad hoc mail in your print jobs

Clearly, it’s in your customers’ best interest to free themselves of those small-scale, ad hoc jobs: they’ll save time, make fewer errors and generate less waste. But you too can benefit from ad hoc mail. Here are three good reasons to make it happen:

    • Cost-effectiveness: To fill your regular orders, you’ve invested in high-performance printers. With ad hoc mail, you’ll expand your print volume. Once the machines are up and running, they should be utilized to their fullest.
    • Service optimization: You already have the technology, so why not offer additional services to your customers? For instance, you can volunteer to track their mail or send it through a variety of channels. That way you can optimize their orders.

Making life easier for your customers may very well be a win-win! And at Objectif Lune we have the solution to help you manage and consolidate printing and ad hoc mail. Visit our website to find out more about our solutions!