Make your most important document work for you

The way people view documents are changing. In Europe, there has been a 38% increase in e-bills, just in the last year. The world of document output as we knew it has changed. And you guessed it, the digital economy plays a big part in this game changer. So what does this mean? Businesses have to change the way they communicate with their customers. Tom Aitchison, Account Manager in the UK, has been working at Objectif Lune for 6 years with experience in the changing landscape. He has identified the challenges and ideas of how to make your most important documents work for you.

From your experience, what are companies most important documents?

A company’s most important document can be anything, it depends on what they do. For example, in the UK we’ve helped health care trusts with their key patient forms, large investment banks with their statements and even a local dairy farm with their delivery notes. What’s great about our products, is that they don’t just fit into one industry, they cover all of them. Every customer shares the same issues: How can I improve the service I deliver to my clients? How can I improve the way I run as a business?

What are the biggest challenges around these documents?

A lot of our customers are shackled to how their systems produce documents. Something as straight forward as placing a barcode on a document can become an expensive process. They’re either outsourcing the job to an external consultant, who would love nothing more than to charge them 2 weeks consultancy to do it, as they have their 15th holiday of the year to pay for. Or the customer is looking at doing it in-house, which means trying to pin down Ted from IT, as he knows a little bit about the system. He may have been there when it was first installed in 1992 but now doesn’t really have a clue how it works as it was installed over 30 years ago! The point I’m making is, most customers look at things like document personalisation, cross media etc and don’t believe that there is solution out there that allows them to do it themselves.

How do you see these challenges being opportunities for businesses?

From my experience, every customer wants to work in better way so that it can benefit their business. This is what we’ve always done with our products. We enable our customers to work with their documents themselves and in a better way. However, now with the power of OL Connect technologies, we are now also enabling our customers to communicate with their clients in a way that can improve business turnover. For example, potentially in the span of 5 minutes, a customer can email a fully personalised invoice, which their client can read and interact with, by paying for their goods via a ‘pay now’ button directly on the invoice. The benefits of this alone are huge, no postal cost, no print cost, no need for downtime in document processing and more importantly your getting paid on the same day! Plus, all while still keeping their legacy system from 30 years ago.

So as for where I see the opportunity. I see it here. Where businesses want to see the money. Instead of buying another system or throwing money to ‘fix’ the current one, businesses now can put that effort towards enhancing the way they communicate to their customers and seeing the benefits in their revenues.

Interactivity has been a hot topic of late. Why do you think it is an important opportunity that businesses should buy into?

Our customers are changing the way they communicate. Not because they’d like to but because they have to. For example, sometimes it’s better to provide information on a document in the form of a video rather than a long page of text. In the fast paced world that we live in, the demand for improved methods of communication will always be there. This is why OL Connect technology is the perfect toolset, for our customers to move into a faster, modern and more effective way of interacting with their clients.

With the speed of the internet, consumers are used to quick responses, quick answers, and if you can’t provide them that, you’ll get frustrated customers. And that’s why you need interactivity. You want to say the right thing at the right time using the right medium because that is what consumers expect. That is what we’re all now used to. So that’s why interactivity is a big thing. Instead of one way conversations, customers are expecting that if they ask a question, it will be answered.  They expect personalized content created from their purchase history or behavior. This is all part of building a stronger relationship with your customers.

What advice would you give businesses looking to make their most important document(s) work for them?

I believe you need to look at it from both sides, not just how a business can make their documents work for them but how they can make their documents work better for their customers. Once you have that clear understanding of what your customers need, you can then leverage the power of our Connect products and reap the benefits of  better business communication and a stronger customer relationship.