A hybrid solution for receiving and sending digital and paper mail

In the business world, there is a growing trend toward digital mail. We’ve seen it with our own customers: once they’ve automated their processes, they contact us for help in digitizing their offerings.

To illustrate the point, let’s look at one of our German customers, Output.ag. The company specializes in input/output management and mail distribution. They wanted to modernize their operations and switch from providing management of paper mail to digital mail. They also wanted to target smaller businesses, who are key stakeholders in digital transformation, and provide them with access to new services.

The challenge of providing digital mail

Like most mail service providers, Output.ag was looking for a solution to maintain its current customers as well as to gain new ones. In order to do so, it needed to expand its services and optimize its practices to increase business.

The company wanted to replace all of its time-consuming, error-prone manual processes, from printing documents to inserting and filing mail. But it faced a significant challenge: in order to improve its processes, in some instances, new and more complex systems had to be put in place. And some of the new systems were too heavy for, or incompatible with, their current machines.

So the company needed a simple solution that would be fast and easy for its staff to use. They were looking for a reliable system, especially for distributing and sorting mail.

Tailored solution with OL Connect Send

Thanks to our OL Connect Send solution, the company is able to provide a full range of services that combine digital communications with conventional mailing processes. Since OL Connect Send is flexible and ready to use, Output.ag was able to apply it right away, without having to change its existing systems.

Output.ag can now offer a better customer experience, allowing customers to choose between receiving mail the traditional way or digitally. The solution enabled the company to reduce manual processes and errors. With faster processing, a substantial amount of time was saved. Output.ag also realized savings in terms of postage and equipment costs. Lastly, the company can now control how long documents are kept on its server. With our evidence-based solution, Output.ag now has a competitive edge, making it possible to send digital mail to postal addresses. Efficient and ingenious!

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