ad hoc mail consolidation

How print services providers can stand out in a digital world

Did you know that attracting a new customer costs five times as much as keeping an existing one (Econsultancy)? What’s more, the likelihood of selling a product or service to a satisfied existing customer is 14 times higher than selling to a new customer.

So it might be worthwhile to learn how you can lure back your existing customers. Here are three ways to go about it.

Contact your existing customers to show them your added value

Although they’ve already entrusted you with their big print jobs, there are other things you can offer them. It won’t take much effort on your part but will be a win-win situation for all. Think of all the ad hoc print jobs that your customers still need to handle, and they’re not just from one department. An invoice here, a letter there . . . Even if the volume is much lower, it can be quite time-consuming for the employees. And it’s not optimal for printers to be used sporadically for small print jobs rather than for batches.

You have an opportunity to show your customers that ad hoc requirements can be met more cost-effectively if you take care of them. Since you are already handling their requests, adding ad hoc mail pieces would not add much to your workload. Yet it would free up your customers and provide them with a greater return on investment. And since you’ve already built a trusting business relationship with them, they’ll be more likely to send you more orders.

Speed up your production and processing speed

With large print jobs, speed could be the most important thing in setting yourself apart from the competition. Whether it’s a matter of handling urgent customer requests, increasing production capacity or simply updating your tools, speed is a key factor. Before spending tons of money on unnecessary equipment, you need to identify the reasons why printing is taking so long. A good way to approach it is to analyze the factors that can affect the speed, such as the properties of the hardware, network or systems, your software capabilities, or the type of data you’re working with. Then you’ll be able to decide whether it’s your hardware or software that needs changing, or simply your processes. Once that improvement has been made, it’s the ideal time to get back in touch with your existing customers and promote your new capabilities.

Offer multichannel communications without duplicating the work

What if you could offer more to your customers? In addition to the print materials you provide them with right now, imagine expanding your services on a number of channels. You could offer them multichannel campaigns that include both regular mail and email. This can be done without having to duplicate your work for each channel, and a single tool can be used to produce the different communications. This sharing of resources will make your work more profitable. Besides, it will be easy to ensure consistency between your various documents and it will take less time to prepare them. A great way to diversify your services is to convince former customers to come back.

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Taking care of existing customers does not mean you won’t be winning new customers! You can download our guide to find ways to convince them of the value of outsourcing their printing.