How Objectif Lune optimized its bidding process

I started working at Objectif Lune a few months ago and am always looking for concrete examples of how our products are being used. This is for my own personal knowledge but also for our readers! Charles Boulanger and Maria Morante helped me understand how Objectif Lune optimized its bidding process. It’s been a number of years since the change, but I wanted to share it with you because it’s still relevant and a good example of digital transformation.

Charles Boulanger is OL’s Executive Sales Director (Canada) and Maria Morante is our Vice President of Operations. They work with our resellers and customers on a daily basis, and their job is to manage opportunities and prospects from our sales offices around the world.

They feel that a vital component of Objectif Lune’s digitization was the introduction of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and the use of PlanetPress. These changes allowed us to streamline the bid creation process and to generate standardized AND personalized documents. . The Sales departments manage opportunities and leads from around the world. Read on to find out more about the switch to this solution and the benefits that are being felt to this day.

A need to centralize information for creating bids

Our company has about 15 sales offices worldwide. Before the change, each office had its own method of managing opportunities and sales.

In order to prepare a bid, the salesperson had to check some Excel files with information on products, pricing and discounts. Each seller could choose which tools and templates to use. Handling numerous files often led to errors and there was no overall visibility of the sales status. A salesperson would have to call each office to get information—in fact, information that quickly became outdated. So making predictions was very timeconsuming and the data was not highly reliable.

Therefore, we needed a tool to centralize and standardize the process in order to issue bids that were free of error, and without wasting time.

Making the switch to CRM to streamline the bid process

Adopting CRM allowed us to keep all of the information on products, pricing and discounts in one place. The goal was to streamline the bid process with a single tool that everyone could use.

We now have a better picture of all bids and the sales status at any time. So we can make reliable predictions and have a general view of the number of ongoing opportunities and bids. We can more easily manage and distribute jobs among employees, thanks to the sales cycle used by CRM.

Using PlanetPress for greater personalization and automation

We wanted to continue down the path of automation and create personalized, qualitative communications. That’s why we combined our own “PlanetPress” solution with our CRM program.

With PlanetPress, we can create conditions to personalize bids. We can configure discounts, the language of the document, the currency and even the paper size. In France, for example, the billing address goes on the left-hand side of the page, whereas it goes on the right-hand side in all of our other offices. With PlanetPress, we can meet that need in a few clicks.

What’s more, PlanetPress is very easy to use. The sales reps use the CRM software to create their bids based on a variety of parameters. When they click on the “Print” button, PlanetPress formats the bid information using CRM. Our program automatically creates the document with the appropriate design and information. The user can then receive the document by email, in PDF format, or print it out. The document is also stored on our server.

Combining CRM and PlanetPress is a winning formula

When the change was first made, the users sometimes found CRM to be cumbersome. They sometimes felt that it took more time to fill out a pre-formatted form. For example, the sales staff could not leave a field blank. So they had to exercise more diligence. But in the end, their work paid off because we now have access to more standardized, streamlined information. It provides the assurance that we have all the information. Errors have been reduced and activities are more visible, which facilitates predictions. Objectif Lune has reaped many benefits over the years from this change!

Are you interested in improving your bid process? We can help you make the switch—while you choose the pace!  Feel free to contact one of our specialists if you’d like to find out how our tool works!