How A Technology Company Reinvented Their Expense Management Process

The regional finance department for the company consisted of only 2 employees: The Finance Manager and assistant.  Every month, they would manage dozens of expense claims submitted by the employees from Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore offices. Each claim is usually submitted along with an average of 5 invoices. However, employees who frequently travel could expense up to 30 invoices in a month. This means that the team would need to cross check hundreds of receipts a month against spreadsheets which often led to inaccuracies. The team wanted a digital expense management tool to allow them to better track employees’ expenses and free up time for them as well as employees.


Highly Manual-Based Expense Management and Submission

Previously, employees used an Excel sheet to manually key in transaction details that were keyed in manually. They needed to keep the original copies of their invoices to be scanned and attached together with the Excel sheets. The documents are then sent as separate attachments to their respective line managers and the finance team.  Once approved by the line managers, all the spreadsheets and invoice attachments would be reviewed, validated and approved individually by the finance team before they are processed into the payroll for reimbursement.

“The entire process was highly manual based. The most tedious part of the old process was having to categorize the expenses. Now, everything is done and categorized automatically via Capture OntheGo” – Finance Assistant


Managing Expenses From Anywhere With the Touch of a Button

Now, their employees can submit their monthly expenses digitally just by downloading the Capture OnTheGo app that contains an easily fillable expense form which they fill directly from their mobile device. The expense form is prepopulated with currencies, expense categories etc. and includes drop down menus which makes filling in the expense forms a lot easier for the employees. They are also able to apply digital signatures onto the form, without the need to keep hardcopies of invoices for scanning or the need to print a physical piece of paper, ever again. Employees can now capture photos of their invoices and submit the details of their expenses from any location, in real-time, eliminating error rates, wait time and most importantly reducing print and stationery cost associated with claims submission.

“Using the old way, the whole process of scanning receipts and filling out the excel sheet used to take me around 30 to 45 minutes. With Forms OnTheGo, it only takes me 4 minutes to complete my expenses.” Employee


 For the finance team, using digital forms has helped save valuable time. Since Forms OnTheGo works alongside PlanetPress Connect, it allows them to include automated workflows and logic, so claim submissions can be tracked in real-time via an easy-to-use Expense Management Console*. From the console, they can get an overview of all claim status.

“The thing that I love most about Forms OnTheGo is that with digital forms we now have access to a customized dashboard, which lets us keep track on on who has and hasn’t submitted their claims for the month. Since claims can now be reviewed as they are submitted, it saves me a lot of time as I can simply select all the finalized claims and approve them at a touch of a button”Finance Manager


Making Big Changes

The implementation process took around 2 weeks, and despite some minor fixes along the way, Objectif Lune’s Professional Services team had done an exceptionally good job in resolving the errors and glitches during the testing stage of the implementation.

“We had an absolutely delightful experience with Objectif Lune’s PSO team that helped us with the implementation of Forms OntheGo. They listened to all our concerns, suggestions and solved issues quickly and within the same day so that we could get the new digital process up and running as soon as possible” Finance Assistant


The company is happy with the new digital process of using their very own Forms OnTheGo solution, freeing up significant time with claims submission and management. Employees now record time savings of up to 86% compared to the old process of using Excel spreadsheets. Thanks to the ability to include smart workflows and logic, the finance team now has all the data digitally available in a single console to allow for better tracking and visibility.


Is your company in need of transforming paper-based processes to digital? Experience Forms OntheGo free for 90-days. Sign up for a free trial today.

*Note: Dashboards are available under the Premium package, or as an add-on with additional costings. Get in touch with an Objectif Lune Sales Representative to learn more.



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