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Four reasons to go with digital delivery notes

Your customers expect a certain amount of digital interactivity when they do business with your company, including during delivery. Why? Because they’re used to that kind of communication with other companies. So if your competitor appears to be providing a better digital experience at time of delivery, chances are your customers will probably go to the competitor, even if the quality of your products is superior.

Yet that’s far from the only reason to invest in a solution that will enhance communications with your customers during the delivery process.

Here are four reasons to eliminate paper and switch to digital delivery notes.

Improve the accuracy of your data

Manual processes are often the source of many errors. For example, if some products are missing at the time of delivery, the delivery person has no choice but to change the delivery note by hand. Later the office clerk has to go into the system and manually change the quantities received. But if the writing is illegible or the slip got damaged during transport, the change may not get entered and the error could lead to problems when preparing the invoice. The customer won’t want to pay, which will ultimately affect your cash flow.

With a digital solution, you’ll avoid that type of error since the changes are sent directly to the system without any need for handling in between.

Lower your costs

It’s a well-established fact that producing paper is costly. Moreover, the time your staff spends scanning delivery slips and manually entering information can’t be overlooked.

By investing in a digital solution, you’ll speed up the process and your employees will be able devote their time to activities that add more value. The return on investment will be more apparent.

Promote automation

Digitizing your processes is still of obvious benefit in facilitating automation.

When the delivery person can keep all of the day’s delivery notes on a tablet, easily get the customer to sign (without any paper involved), and send the signed note to the office at a click, it becomes much easier for an organization to automate the post-delivery steps, such as billing.

Imagine being able to automatically send a delivery confirmation and invoice to your customer by email right after the delivery, meanwhile sending a copy to the customer service department and updating the information in the CRM.

Improve the customer experience

If you improve on the distribution of delivery-related messages, it’ll go a long way to improving the customer experience.

Moreover, according to Aberdeen, fewer than 36% of companies are able to add visual or interactive content to the information they collect in the field. It’s good to get rid of paper. But it’s even better to enhance your communications in doing so!

Customers will sense that you have made a real effort to build a relationship and will be happy that all of the information they need is available interactively and with real added value.


You’re probably thinking that this type of solution is only designed for companies with deep pockets. Think again—and take a look at our services!

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