Everything New with OL Connect 2019.2

Using OL Connect to communicate has become even easier with the new additional features and improvements we have added to our system. The focus of this release was to make OL Connect compatible with even more 3rd party software to facilitate all our customers.

In its first iteration, OL Connect was designed for businesses of all levels, from SMBs to Enterprises, to deliver personalized communications across multiple channels (print, email, and web). The DataMapper allows businesses to extract and import data from almost any source while the Designer allows you to create and design your templates within a single interface. Workflow, the automation tool, allows you to automate your output using a graphical user interface to build the required processes your business uses.

We have also upgraded OL Connect with a whole slew of new tools and improvements that will let users connect with even more 3rd party applications. This not only allows our solution to fit with even more systems currently being used, but we have also improved on the offerings OL Connect already provides to further streamline all business communications.

The New Deliverables:

  • PReS Connect 2019.2.0
  • PReS Workflow 2019.2.0
  • PlanetPress Connect 2019.2.0
  • PlanetPress Workflow 2019.2.0
  • PrintShop Mail Connect 2019.2.0
  • As well as a new series of connectors and plugins (details to follow)

Highlights of The New Release:

  • Improved digital signing of PDF’s
  • Improved and simplified Scheduling Settings
  • A new range of email-related plugins
  • M-Files support in Workflow
  • Resource imports from other templates
  • Save templates and DataMapper configs for different versions
  • Support for Royal Mail Mailmark 4-State C and 4-State L barcodes
  • Dynamic section backgrounds
  • Improved plugin architecture and Jscript handling in Workflow
  • Improved logfile information
  • Named parameters in Job Presets
  • PDF DataMapping without extraction
  • Support for Windows Server 2019

Along with dozens of other improvements and fixes to help your business take flight!

New Connectors & Plugins

These are the connectors and plugins which we have incorporated directly into Workflow 2019.2:

  • Render Email Content (on the OL Connect tab)
  • Download EML Messages (on the OL Connect tab)
  • File\Folder Condition (on the Process logic tab)

Downloadable Content

The following plugins can be downloaded and installed separately from our Help.objectiflune.com website and are the focus of this release. These plugins will allow our clients to use OL Connect with even more systems used by businesses, making OL Connect the best fit for all businesses.

  • Therefore 2019 (plugin version

The Therefore 2019 plugin is the only plugin with which we still have a legacy version that can be used by previous versions of OL Connect, for anything newer, please use the version listed above.

  • MailJet (plugin version 2019.2.0.61547)
  • SendGrid (plugin version 2019.2.0.61547)
  • M-Files (plugin version 2019.2.0.61422)

These additions were designed specifically to improve the UX with OL Connect and will allow for many more businesses to use our solutions effortlessly.

The Takeaway

Objectif Lune is constantly striving to perfect our offerings in order to better serve our clients. We are constantly updating our software, making it more compatible and easier to use for any sized business to improve on all their communications. This latest rendition of OL Connect will be able to work with most software currently being used.

If you need further assistance with any of your communication challenges, please do not hesitate to contact our support teams to determine how OL Connect can help your business grow and profit.

Regardless of size, your business needs are always top-of-mind at Objectif Lune and we can enhance your business communications with OL Connect. Book a demo today, and see what services we can offer you at https://www.objectiflune.com/en/products.