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Overview of the effectiveness of direct mail: 3 highlights

Effectiveness of direct mail remains true. This is a very popular communication channel for businesses, particularly when it comes to invoicing. Yet many companies have announced they are moving away from direct mail and opting for digital communications. But is that indeed the case? To help you form your own opinion, here are a few facts and stats about direct mail.

Three key points about effectiveness of direct mail

Direct mail is still frequently used despite the digital environment

Direct mail is the preferred communication channel for finance departments

Direct mail is effective with several generations of consumers

  • Consumers prefer direct mail over telemarketing and email. It appears that Millennials are quite keen about direct mail. They enjoy it even more than generations not born in the digital era.
  • So it’s not surprising that mail response rates exceed the 2% response rate of all digital channels combined.

The prospects for direct mail look rosy, both for B2B and B2C communications. So it makes sense to consider optimizing your direct mail to get the most out of it, especially in this digital age! Visit our website to find out more.

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