Document managemet

Documents automation: saving time and ensure accuracy

Document management raises security issues. When you deal with a lot of paper and many manual step by step processes, errors often occur. How can you assure the integrity of documents when you have to print, scan and mail them?

Managing documents was never meant to be glamourous. When the main concern is accuracy, it is not a matter of making documents shinier or brighter (although that also can bring benefits), but to make the document lifecycle process more reliable. You actually save time by exchanging the information without too many steps.

In this second extract from the Canon 2017 Kickstart event, Matt Irish, Objectif Lune UK’s General Manager, talks about the unexpected security concerns that can be addressed using automation. Here, security is not meant as a way of protecting the documents, but using automation to eliminate errors. His example is in this regard particularly striking.


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