Direct Marketing: Optimizing Your Flyers

Original italien version: Direct Marketing: elaborare un flyer efficace e vincente

Every day, Italians receive a considerable amount of advertising in the form of promotions, business letters and flyers in their mailboxes. Despite the widespread diffusion of new media, these promotional tools, although outdated, are a means of communication widely used in Italy to generate traffic and communicate new commercial offers.

The effort made by companies must be to: attract. This is the only way to overcome resistance to the intrusiveness of junk mail. In order to be effective, business flyers design must be different from the others. A battle for the recipient attention happens each time people recieve communications at home so there needs to be a fight to stand out and be interesting.

Here are some tips for those who want to make a flyer capable of enhancing the business promotions:

  1. First we must consider the size and shape of the flyer or brochure. In relation to the form of distribution you choose, the ideal size changes. If, for example, you choose to deliver by hand in passageways, you should definately design small flyers that people can put in their pockets or purses, and, if the advertising is delivered at home, the format may be larger.
  2. The next step is to determine the design characteristics of the leaflet, which will be critical to attract the customer eye. For this reason, bright colors, simple geometric shapes and high-contrast unconventional images would be the best choice. In addition to this, it is advisable to insert a number of products reduced to favor the attention and memorization by the reader.
  3. Third, along with the discounted price, also highlight the original price to increase the perception of savings and the use of fonts can stimulate cognitive activity. For example, highlighted a well known brand so that they can attract the interest of customers.
  4. Of fundamental importance is to focus on the target audience. Promotional themes, choice of graphics, format and content must be different depending on your audience i.e. younger or older people.
  5. In general, in terms of content, it is always respect limits and not cram flyers with too much text. The majority of people will give us a glance to decide whether it is worth to notice, so it is best to prepare two or three key phrases that refer to an immediate benefit to the recipient.

Measuring Effectiveness

Direct marketing that gives the best results encourages the client to perform an action through which you can get benefits such a buy one get one free deal. It is also important to remember to include the contact information of the company and the exact place where you can take advantage of the promotion or benefits in the flyer. This is also a way of measuring the results obtained through direct marketing initiatives through the use of contact numbers or different promotion codes that allow you to measure the effectiveness of your message or graphics offered on the flyer.


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