Direct mail tips from the pros

Companies are always looking for new ways to engage their customers – social media interactions, branded videos and so forth – but sometimes the old way is the best way. This is especially the case with direct mail marketing – even as internet marketing grows, direct mail remains as vital and effective as ever.

This is especially true for companies that use the tried-and-true tactic in new and exciting ways. By its very nature, direct mail is an ideal way to boost engagement – it allows for customized content, leaves room for creative marketing and has a very high open rate. By taking advantage of these benefits, using modern custom printing software and creating personalized, attractive documents, businesses can use one of the most effective marketing tools in the business world.

Recently, LifeHealthPro interviewed a group of marketers to learn about the creative methods they are using to optimize their direct mail efforts and boost engagement and retention.

Read on for two of the most important strategies they recommend for getting the best results from your direct mail campaign.

The series

One of the biggest strengths of direct mail is the ability to use multiple efforts to reach your targets. Unlike email marketing, direct mail won’t be caught in a filter, and customers are much more likely to open letters, so marketers can send several messages to improve their chances of getting through.

John Campbell, one of the marketers interviewed by LifeHealthPro, for example, sends several letters over a two-week period to build a connection with his targets.

“I offer three mailings to the same prospect,” he told the source. “The first one on Monday, the second on the following Friday and the last one on the following Tuesday. By the third mailing you have a 67 percent chance of it being read. A follow-up call will be to a warm prospect.”

Personal connection

Not all direct mail is sent to prospects. Many firms use the tool to maintain contact with existing customers and clients. Because of this, most companies find it is helpful to send messages not only when you need something or want to push a specific product, but also just as a way to build relationships and generate goodwill.

“We focus on a four-letter word – care,” Michael Foguth, another marketer, told the source. “In our office we focus on customer service. Everyone is on the same page, the client comes first. We send hand-written cards for every major event in their life, and a thank you card every time they come in our office.”

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