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Direct Mail: How to increase the value of your printed materials

According to International Communications Research, 73% of consumers say they prefer direct mail to other types of advertising. This enthusiasm for paper-based communications is even greater when direct mail is personalized, and in some cases, the response rate doubles!

Personalize direct mail to connect with your customers

You can improve the efficiency of customer communications by personalizing direct mail. Your customers will feel more involved with the brand, and that can have a positive effect on customer retention and your reputation.

But personalization becomes harder when you need to use more detailed customer information. It’s not enough to simply put the person’s name on the envelope if you want to make a real connection. A more sophisticated level of personalization is required in order to speak to their uniqueness. The entire message must be tailored to the customer.

That’s what personalization is all about: having plenty of customers but making each and every one of them feel unique. So how do you personalize the format and content of direct mail?

Capitalize on customer data for improved personalization

In this modern day and age, companies have access to a large amount of data on their customers and on consumers in general. Moreover, 44% of marketers have a data management platform and 33% are planning to get one.

If access to data is easy, you need to be able to use that data wisely. It’s now possible to find out your customers’ shopping habits and interests. So you have an opportunity to put their information to good use and produce individually tailored communications: a design with the customer’s tastes in mind or suggestions based on previous purchases.

Tailored promotions are another sound approach. Do you know your customers’ birthdays? Why not offer them a discount the week of their birthday? They’ll feel special if they receive a truly personal message!

With direct mail, you need to concentrate on qualitative, personalized printing rather than identical, large-scale advertising. Our tools are designed to help you with your automated personalized campaigns. Feel free to contact us for further information.

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