Cross-media: yay or nay?

Many marketers initially believed that the internet would replace traditional promotional channels, but in the last few years, the majority have discovered that the web is best when it supplements classic methods instead of supplanting them. Direct mail has many advantages over online advertising – higher open rates, better customer relations – so most marketers work to combine the two channels for the most effective results. Initiatives that combine online and print-based marketing channels are known as cross-media campaigns, and recent research suggests that they are among the most effective methods for attracting and retaining customers.

To get the most out of cross-media campaigns, you must know about how they work together and understand the best practices and tools for managing them. Here are a few things to keep in mind with regard to this emerging marketing strategy.

Two channels, one goal

Although the channels are separate, your goals for a cross-media campaign are singular, so it is important that you use both channels in unison to get to the same point. One way to do this is to use printed marketing materials to direct customers to individualized websites.

Because physical mail reaches people more effectively, many marketers use that channel as a way to draw customers to landing pages, white papers and other online marketing materials. However, a simple web address included in printed material is rarely enough. Increasingly, companies are turning to more modern and customizable options in their direct mail materials.

QR codes and customized response pages

Using new, powerful technology like variable data printing software can help you find creative and exciting ways to create synergy between online and direct mail avenues. According to Xerox’s digital printing blog, direct mail marketing materials with QR codes that take recipients to their own personal response webpages are increasingly effective ways to convert leads and increase customer engagement. Companies of all sizes and in all industries have found that using new printing software to modernize their direct mailers is a great way to update their marketing efforts.

As your company looks for new ways to reach and satisfy customers, direct mail remains a vital avenue – but it is evolving. No longer static materials providing a single pitch, direct mail promotions need to include elements that connect customers to the web and keep them engaged throughout the process. If you want to learn more about how Objectif Lune can help you modernize your direct mailing, call us today!