PrintShop Mail how-to: Create a IMb Barcode

As part of the sales team,  I get a lot of questions about PrintShop Mail.  One I often get is how do I create an IMb barcode? This one is quite popular in the US because this barcode is what the USPS (US Post Office) requires for a bulk rate credit. So here it goes, here how you create a IMb barcode in PrintShop Mail:

  1. Click on the text tool on the Tools toolbar. The objects show a default barcode imb-1
  2. To change the barcode properties, go to the Properties window and select USPS IMB form the pull down menu imb-2
  3. In the Properties window under Content click on Data to select the database field which contains the IMb barcode information. imb-3
  4. The Expression Builder will open allowing you to select the proper database fieldimb-4

The IMb contains 31 digits, which are represented as five separate fields when creating an IMb

  1. Barcode Identifier:  Describes the level of presort qualification for the mailpiece.
    Since BRM is entered as single-piece, the value for this field is always “00”.
  2. Service Type Identifier:  Contains the class of mail and the services mailers may request from the Postal Service. The only service available with BRM is Origin CONFIRM.
    The CONFIRM service allows mailers to track their mailpieces electronically.
  3. Mailer Identifier (MID):  Assigned by the Postal Service and used to identify the mailer.
    BRM permit holders may use the same MID applied to their outbound mail or request a
    separate MID for BRM.  MIDs assigned to the Electronic Verification System (eVS) may
    not be used on BRM pieces.  Origin Confirm subscribers are not required to use a MID.
  4. Serial Number:  Unique serial numbers are not required for BRM.  Mailers may encode
    the serial number field with any number including all zeros.  A 9-digit serial number is used
    with a 6-digit MID and a 6-digit serial number is used with a 9-digit MID.
  5. Routing Code:  The ZIP+4 Code for BRM is assigned by the destination Post Office and is not the same as the company’s physical street address.  BRM permit holders must use their assigned BRM ZIP+4 Code when creating an IMb.  The Routing Code field must never be populated with zeroes, spaces or nulls; DMM 507.9.9.

It’s pretty simple once you do it but if you have any questions, just leave me a comment!