Convert your customers to digital outbound mail

Your company wants to optimize its outbound mail processes and make its transactional communications more cost-effective for a number of reasons: a higher return on investment, automation, streamlining of efforts, greater personalization, etc.

But digitizing your outbound mail requires that your customers participate. They have to be able to receive the mail and deal with it. For some of them, switching to digital mail may seem onerous, while others have many reservations when it comes to electronics. But you have to dispel their false notions and show your customers the benefits. Moreover, research shows that email, whether transactional or not, is a valued communication channel in B2B. It has a higher open and click rate than in B2C and is the third most influential source of information for B2B audiences.

So how do you convince these customers who are resistant to digital outbound mail?

3 reasons for your customers’ resistance to digital outbound mail

A survey conducted by Point Source in March 2017 identified the reasons CIOs resist to digital transformation. Among the reasons is their lack of technical means, their legacy systems, and an attachment to paper.

By analogy, all of these barriers may also apply to your customers. If you understand their concerns, you’ll be able to reassure them and more easily persuade them to switch to digital mail.

What do your customers see as the barriers to adopting digital outbound mail? Here are some scenarios and how you can address them:

  1. Legacy systems: Your customers are afraid of having to change their systems or install new programs to interact with your digital communications. They already have to juggle several legacy systems and they think making the change would be too costly. In a survey by Point Source, 84% of respondents said they have disparate legacy systems that impact the speed of development of new digital experiences. One in four respondents said they find it difficult for third-party partners or service providers to integrate with their organization’s existing systems.

    Reassure them
    : Your customers won’t need to change their existing systems. They can receive your digital outbound mail through a web portal or simply by email. Then it’s up to them whether to print or store it. You can also offer to send communications to your customers two ways, by direct mail and digitally, for a smoother transition.
  1. Data security: Your customers are willing to receive your digital communications and correspond with you digitally, but they question how secure it is. Will my data be safe? Could it get lost or inadvertently be disclosed? What are you going to do with my data?

    Reassure them
    : As highlighted by AIIM, digital mail lends itself better to tracking than does direct mail. In fact, the sender is quickly notified if an email is not delivered. The sender can even check whether the recipient actually received and/or opened it. On the customer side, the email can be forwarded to the responsible department or saved directly to their systems. Lastly, there are many laws and regulations protecting customers’ personal data, such as Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), the US data breach notification laws, and the General Data Protection Regulation in Europe.
  1. Clarity of the information: Your customers may also worry about being unable to navigate your new digital communications and think they may miss important information. They were used to your paper templates and don’t want to waste time figuring out your new layout.

    Reassure them: 
    According to GetResponse, emails with graphic content are more effective than those with just text, and they have a higher open and click rate. So you can assure your customers of easier-to-understand messages and a pleasant user experience. For even greater consistency, think about having a graphic unit for all of your communications so that customers can quickly identify your brand.

Now that you’ve assured them that digital mail is a good thing, all that remains to be done is to make the switch. At Objectif Lune, we’re here to help you optimize your outbound mail in your own way. Feel free to contact one of our advisors!