Customer Experience

Communicate with your employees as if they were your customers

Since a company’s employees are like customers, they too need specific, personalized communications.

Isabelle Descarries, Vice-President of Human Resources at Objectif Lune, shares this view. Having worked for more than 15 years at OL, Isabelle has established her own processes over the years to communicate with employees and manage their information.

This year, Isabelle wanted to send a document to each employee outlining their history with respect to the pay, benefits and salary increases they have received since starting with the company. This would give employees a clear and accurate picture of their pay status and progress at the company over the years.

In order to do so, complex and personalized information from a number of sources and different systems had to be combined. Isabelle wanted to use OL Connect, knowing that it would allow her to use all of the data she collected and automatically format it into a single document. But all this meant that Isabelle would need to review her document creation process.

A tool tailored to your needs

Changing habits and processes can be unsettling. The most bewildering part for Isabelle was knowing where to start. She was used to managing these tasks by hand and thought that using OL Connect was going to be cumbersome and tedious. “What was hard for me was figuring out how to set up my data file so that I could use the data however I liked.”

That’s where a technical advisor came in handy. Isabelle called on Philippe Fontan, Technical Product Manager, to guide her in using OL Connect and tailoring it to her needs.

After exporting the data from the various systems into a compatible format (CSV), Philippe integrated it into the OL Connect DataMapper to assign a place for the various pieces of data on the final document. He also had to design a template for presenting data that was easy for employees to read. The work could have been done directly in OL Connect, but Isabelle had already designed something in a Word document. So all it took was a few clicks to export her design in PDF and then integrate it into OL Connect!

Advantages of OL Connect for internal communications

The best thing about using OL Connect was that Isabelle saved a great deal of time. It would have taken her more than a week to produce the documents the old way! But by using OL Connect, it was much less work: “I could have done it without OL Connect, but it would have taken a long time. Instead, it took us about two days. Now that everything’s set up, it won’t take us more than an hour next year!”

In fact, by using OL Connect, Isabelle has lightened her workload for the years to come. Next year, updating the data will go very quickly because all of the settings have been saved in the software.

Lastly, another aspect Isabelle particularly likes is OL Connect’s flexibility: “At one point, I realized that I forgot to add the seniority of the employees to my file. But OL Connect had already calculated it.” So the software doesn’t just combine data; it can also manipulate and format it.

A positive experience to build on moving forward

This year, Isabelle sent employees a hard copy of the document. But now that the process has been built into OL Connect, she will be able to offer an electronic version if she wishes. She’ll have the option of sending it by email or even posting the data to a web page specific to each employee. For long-serving employees, the document may contain a large amount of information,so the portal allows for better viewing and facilitates searching within the document.

As for the future, a new project is already brewing: using OL Connect to personalize automatic messages sent by the HR management system to make them more relevant. This is the next challenge for Isabelle and Philippe, and we’ll certainly keep you posted on how it’s going!

Do you want to automate and personalize your employee communications? Objectif Lune can support you every step of the way! Feel free to contact one of our advisors!