Direct Mail is changing

The changing role of direct mail marketing

With the temperature changing, it’s hard for us not to think of autumn and change. Gone were the days of sunlight until 9pm, t-shirts and shorts, and  everything good about summer. *Sigh* Change is all around us and technology is aiding with how fast things do. When email marketing began to take off, many experts believed it signaled the demise of traditional direct mail campaigns. In a few short years, they assured, all business documents – both transactional and promotional – would be sent over the internet, and printed documents would be a thing of the past.

It turns out they were both right and wrong. A growing number of companies have indeed abandoned traditional mail initiatives in favor of cheaper, “batch and blast” email messages. However, on the other hand, some companies have doubled down on their direct mail efforts, opting to send more personalized, value-added and timely communications to their clients.

Some brands dismiss direct mail
Business 2 Community reports that a recent study from Target Marketing revealed that 12 percent of direct marketers are planning to decrease their direct mail budgets in 2013, which represents the largest percentage decrease of any marketing method. The decline in spending in this regard suggests that some companies believe that their money would be better spent in other areas.

For some businesses, this may be the case – but there is also another way of looking at this. Direct mail marketing has many advantages over email efforts – like higher open rates and more effective response devices – and some firms are finding that tapping into these benefits now can give them a significant leg up over their email-oriented competitors.

The time is right
While the wind may appear to be blowing in the direction of email campaigns, some experts believe that this could actually make now the perfect time to emphasize direct mail marketing. According to Business 2 Community, email marketing may offer a broader net that is easier to throw, but sending fewer, more targeted direct mail messages is likely the more effective method for retaining customers and increasing conversions.

A more precise tool
As the marketing landscape changes, many companies are beginning to rethink the interplay between email mailers and traditional methods. Instead of competing communication channels, direct mail and email can be used in concert to create a comprehensive nuanced strategy. Large blast emails can be employed to cheaply and quickly send a message about a specific promotion or event, while laser-focused direct mailers can be employed to send personalized messages and invoices to valuable customers.

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