Centralize your print and mail jobs to increase savings

Have you ever looked at the time and money you could save by centralizing all of your small, day-to-day print and mail jobs in each of your company’s departments?

Most organizations overlook the fact that these ad hoc jobs are costing them a lot of money. Think about the welcome letters, bids, contracts, claim letters and all kinds of reminders you spontaneously send to your customers and suppliers. Each department’s admin staff handles this type of document all the time.

Ad hoc mailings are costly, because they require letterhead paper and preprinted envelopes. There’s the cost of the ink and postage, as well as the money spent to manage the equipment and stocks. And it all adds up in each department. However, it’s very hard to track these jobs and know the exact cost.

Ongoing printing costs for each department

We recently had an opportunity to help one of our European customers improve and cut printing and mailing costs across the organization.

This local government agency in North West England was printing 1.2 million documents a year. The documents were coming from a variety of sources, and in particular, the pay and benefits department.

A few years ago, they managed to significantly reduce the costs of their monthly planned activities.

Nonetheless, they realized that they still had a long way to go, especially when they took a look at how many print tasks were being managed independently by each department. The jobs were not structured and were rarely planned ahead of time.

Unplanned mailings cost a great deal in time and money!

In studying the matter, they discovered that a total of 2 million documents were being printed annually by the various departments. Managing this ad hoc printing entailed a number of problems:

  • High labour costs to process the documents manually
  • Time spent printing, inserting and filing manually
  • High postal costs, with no opportunities for extra discounts
  • Costs of preprinted letterhead paper, and lack of grouping
  • Needless costs to maintain the postage meter

Ad hoc grouping of print jobs and mail: economies of scale

The organization decided to purchase a centralized solution, which allowed them to regain control of the ad hoc mail in the different internal services. They were able to group and merge all of these ad hoc jobs with the regular flow of preplanned mail.

The central print department is now in charge of all incoming and outgoing mail, regardless of whether it is planned or unplanned. By centralizing all of the work, the monitoring and integrity of the mail have greatly improved. The workers in each department who had been losing a lot of time managing these ad hoc print jobs were at last able to focus on tasks more in line with their expertise.

Moreover, the solution of grouping ad hoc print and mail jobs had many other benefits:

  • UK certification entitling the organization to even better postal discounts
  • Grouping and streamlining of all costs associated with preprinted letterhead
  • A large drop in the number of tasks requiring intensive labour to process the documents
  • Elimination of the high costs of maintaining postage meters
  • Savings of more than £500,000 a year for mail only!

Are you ready to save considerable time and money by consolidating your ad hoc print and mail jobs?

You too can take better advantage of small print jobs! Objectif Lune has developed a solution that saves you plenty of money by consolidating and automating ad hoc printing and mailing. Book a free consultation now!

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