Know how to meet your clients’ personalization needs!

9 / 3 / 2017 BY

Over the last few years, have you seen all the articles passing over your newswires predicting the death of printing and the victory of digital marketing? With all the advances in advertising on the Web and social media, they will have you believe that direct mail is dead. However, many studies have started to prove the opposite this year. The future of promotional mailing campaigns depends on personalization. > Read More

Tirer profit de vos travaux d’impression et envois de courrier ad hoc

2 / 2 / 2017 BY

Une des façons simples d’augmenter sa productivité est de mieux gérer ses travaux d’impression et de courrier ad hoc. Qu’est-ce que l’impression et le courrier ad hoc? C’est une expression avec laquelle je n’étais pas habituée il y a quelques mois seulement, mais qui décrit pourtant une réalité très présente dans beaucoup d’entreprises. Voici comment vous allez pouvoir gagner beaucoup de temps! > Read More

Take advantage of your ad hoc print jobs and mailings

2 / 2 / 2017 BY

One simple way to increase your productivity is better management of your ad hoc print jobs and mailings. What is ad hoc printing and mailing? Just a few months ago I wasn't familiar with this question, but it describes a very present reality in many companies. Here's how you can save a lot of time! > Read More

Print service providers: 4 ways to make your life easier

24 / 11 / 2016 BY

Addressing, handling variable data, and a limited ability to use any type of format can negatively affect your growth. Take a look at the four steps you can take to address these challenges and improve your productivity, while offering a wider range of services to your customers.> Read More