3 ways to protect your IT investment

23 / 2 / 2017 BY

These days, as business becomes increasingly digital and you move toward automating all of your operations, there is an ever greater need to always have your organization's applications up and running. As a rule, it is important to ensure that your systems, even those that are not actually visible to your customers, are always up and running, because you invest a great deal of money into implementing them. So how can you protect your IT investment? Here are 3 strategies for reducing the risk of downtime.> Read More

Feeling trapped by your rigid systems?

4 / 8 / 2016 BY

You probably use several outdated systems from different eras to meet the business needs of your company's various departments. You certainly wish they could speak together a little more. Good news, there are ways to get flexibility from your rigid systems and have them working together.> Read More

5 Obstacles to Optimizing Your Accounts Receivable Processes

7 / 7 / 2016 BY

According to the Institute of Financial Operations, more than 70% of companies send between 7,000 and 10,000 invoices a month. So it's obvious that organizations are paying a heavy toll to deal with all these invoices. Here are five obstacles that are most likely preventing you from meeting your goals in terms of productivity, business efficiency and customer experience. > Read More

5 obstacles à l’optimisation de vos processus de comptes clients

7 / 7 / 2016 BY

Quand on sait que selon The Institute of Financial Operations, plus de 70% des entreprises envoient de 1 000 à 10 000 factures par mois, il est évident que les processus de comptes clients sont critiques pour tous. Voici cinq obstacles qui vous empêchent sûrement d’atteindre vos objectifs de productivité, d'efficacité opérationnelle et d’expérience client. > Read More