The Banking Digital Trends Going into 2020

5 / 2 / 2020 BY

Data is trending in 2020, and this rings true for the financial sector, even more so than any other. The introduction of transparency has perhaps affected the banking industry more than any other. Previously, banks were notorious for being extremely slow in adapting to…> Read More

4 façons de vérifier qu’un logiciel est fait pour votre entreprise

27 / 6 / 2019 BY

Pour toutes les entreprises, grandes ou petites, la transformation digitale se traduit souvent par l’achat de solutions logicielles. Et parce que les besoins sont différents pour chaque compagnie, il n’est pas toujours facile de déterminer si une technologie est adaptée à sa propre situation. Savez-vous que, pour vous aider dans votre processus d’achat d’un nouveau logiciel ou solution, vous pouvez demander à obtenir un « aperçu » ? Bien sûr, chaque compagnie a sa propre politique à ce propos. C’est pourquoi il est crucial de se renseigner sur les tenants et aboutissants d’une telle demande.  À quoi il faut s’attendre ? Est-ce normal de payer pour un échantillon à une étape préliminaire?  Voici quelques précisions qui pourront vous aider à tirer le maximum de cette démarche!> Read More

4 ways to check a software package is designed for your business

27 / 6 / 2019 BY

Digital transformation often entails purchasing software solutions, no matter whether your business is big or small. And since every company has its own set of needs, it’s not always easy to decide whether a technology is suited to your situation. Did you know that you can ask for a preview of a new software package or solution to help you in your purchase decision? Of course, each company has its own policy on previews. That is why it is crucial to find out the ins and outs of making such a request.  What should you expect? Is it normal to pay for a sample at a preliminary stage?  The information below can help you get the most out of taking this approach.> Read More

Process automation

Improving business processes: “It’s not just about money”

25 / 5 / 2017 BY

Do you wonder if improving your business processes is done the right way? The traditional way of working implies dealing with paper and printing, forwarding, scanning and so on. It is a long process, with many steps and it can lead to a lot of mistakes. What process managers and users want is a real efficient way of working. This is their first priority: efficiency, not money.> Read More