business system foundation

Why business systems should be a focus

Ask 10 executives to tell you the most important aspect of a business and you’ll likely get 10 different answers. Customer relations, worker satisfaction, mission statement and marketing – these are all important elements that will likely be mentioned by many business leaders, but at least one expert believes they all miss the point.

According to Walid El-Khoury, an Australian business coach who recently wrote a blog for StartupSmart, your business’ systems are truly its lifeblood. Undergirding everything you do, your company’s systems – both technological and managerial – ultimately determine your business’ fate and ability to grow and evolve. Without the right business systems, your company is likely to flounder.

According to El-Khoury, your business’ systems should improve your consistency of service and reduce the amount of risks you need to take. How can they do this? Strong systems that are deeply engrained in your company’s DNA can help you provide reliable service by eliminating human error and reducing the likelihood of an important document or invoice getting lost in the cracks. They can also minimize risk by ensuring that you can properly scale your business and weather rocky periods.

Automating your workflow is a perfect example of how the right business systems can put your company in the best position to succeed. One example of a process that can often go overlooked is the document workflow. Your outgoing documents sends an impression of your company or gets the bills paid so ensure that it looks good with the right system in place. Having a strong backbone for your business that can help you remain efficient and error-free can help you deal with whatever thrown at you.

As El-Khoury points out, your systems truly represent the soul of your business, and it is essential that you put the right ones in place as soon as possible to help you achieve all of your other goals. Call Objectif Lune today to learn about how our document workflow automation software can help you design your business the way you want.