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These days a lot of companies try to bring back or get customers by advertising what they think their customers want to hear. Why is that a problem? Well, you have to believe in what you do for it to be authentic. If you only have one bottom line, and it’s profit, don’t try selling something else. People will know, authenticity (what we think, say and how we act are in harmony) is something that isn’t made. It exists. Either you really believe in what you say and act accordingly or you don’t. And why is it important to be authentic? Find out here how authenticity builds trust and makes relationships strong.

[header_line]You don’t learn to be authentic, you are. Period.[/header_line]

Too many companies try to be someone they are not. Just because they think that by presenting a certain image, it will make them “better”. Ever think of a relationship where you tried to be someone you are not… how did it end? Well, it’s the same with business.

So instead of being someone you are not because you think it’s cool. Why not be yourself. Show who you are and capitalise on it.

[header_line]A true story[/header_line]

Some consultant told me a funny story where some engineering firm wanted to change their image. They wanted to look cool… After visiting this firm the consultant observed they were anything but cool. They were more the “nerdy”, serious type. So what he told them was: be yourselves; be serious, nerdy, and work with people for whom the technical aspects are more important more than the image. This is a “win win” situation, because the “nerds” can be “nerds” and their customers like it…. It’s a perfect couple. By standing up for who you are, you can be surprised at how people will follow. Who knows, you can even start a trend…

I am not the only one who thinks this, read this insightful article by Nancy Scott.