Brand your documents

Branding documents: working with legacy systems

Every time you send a document to a client, you have the perfect opportunity to promote your brand and call attention to your services and features. Unfortunately, too many businesses skip this step and send out bland, boring documents to their customers.

But why? Why are so many companies ignoring the perfect opportunity for promoting themselves and providing unique materials to their clients?

The answer – as is so often the case – is that many businesses are using legacy systems that don’t allow for an easy and affordable way to brand bills, invoices, and the like to something more appealing. And because the objective of the document is to receive payment, the attractiveness of the document comes in second place. This is a shame, because an emphasis on branding and personalized messages has been shown to increase engagement and bolster loyalty.

What can you do to beef up your business documents?

Utilizing Objectif Lune’s PlanetPress software, you can start branding and personalizing your documents whatever your system. PlanetPress plugs into your existing system and can extract the form, data, and whatever else is needed to redesign the document with more punch.

What kind of punch is required?

More than likely, your company has a few custom images to help it get lodged in clients’ minds. These can be logos, simple images or product-specific graphics – whatever they are, they help your company connect with clients on a level beyond simple text. So why wouldn’t you sprinkle these images liberally throughout invoices, bills and other customer-facing documents?

In today’s marketplace, there is no excuse. Consumers are increasingly influenced by more creative, colorful interactions, and a document filled with pertinent images and attractive logos can easily fit the bill.

Purchase histories

Adding branding and images to your documents should not stop at logos and product images. Increasingly, companies are finding that by adding customer-specific images like purchase histories can help make their transactional and promotional documents as unique and useful as possible.

According to Open Forum, customized details increases the speed of payment. So, adding such things as P.O. numbers not just makes your customers happier but because they are so happy, they pay you faster. Win-win!

Call Objectif Lune today to learn about how our intuitive printing software can help you use branded and customer-specific images to spice up your business documents!