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Beautiful documents can come from your legacy systems

We’ve all had the experience of receiving a piece of marketing or an invoice that had little to be desired. Poor formatting, unattractive design, out-dated graphics – these are all hallmarks of inferior business documents. It’s easy to assume that these aesthetic shortcomings won’t have a real effect on your business’ success, but this is unfortunately not always the case.

Any marketer will tell you that the way your materials look is a huge part of their success (or lack thereof). Consumers can be quickly turned off by an unseemly document, and these negative feelings can translate to dwindling inventory and declining customer loyalty.

Knowing this, executives know that they documents they send to customers – whether they are invoices or promotions – need to live up to their company’s reputation. If you are billing yourself as a modern, tech-savvy business, you need the documents to back it up. Unfortunately, this can be expensive.

[header_line]Analyze current system[/header_line]
But it doesn’t have to be. Shrewd executives are learning that there are simple, intuitive measures they can take to vastly improve the quality of their business documents without busting their budgets and replacing legacy documents. This process starts with analyzing your business’ current operations.

According to InformationWeek, you should start by taking a close look at your legacy systems. Often, it is possible to upgrade or fine tune your legacy system without going whole hog. The source recommends looking at the applications of the system, not just the technology. Typically, this relatively simply analysis can provide a few smaller-scale solutions that can have a disproportionately large impact on the effectiveness and attractiveness of your documents.

For example, adding a document composition software that can plug to an existing system provides increased flexibility and creative opportunities for your transactional and promotional printing initiatives. Whether you decide to significantly change your legacy system or simply augment it with a few carefully selected upgrades,  software can help you bring your documents to the next level.

[header_line]Building around your legacy systems[/header_line]
This last point – that you don’t necessarily need to turn your whole business structure upside down to improve the quality of its documents – is something that the software developer and tech expert Jeff Whelpley deeply believes in. On his tech blog, Whelpley argued that leaving a legacy system in place but building around it can help you achieve enviable results for a much smaller investment.

When applied to business documents, this strategy has obvious benefits. It allows you to re-engineer your core documents – bills, advertising, direct mail promotions – without having to start from scratch.

Your business documents reflect your brand and have a large impact on your customer loyalty, engagement and satisfaction levels. If you want to beautify your documents without necessarily having to uproot and replace your legacy system, call Objectif Lune today and learn how we can help you do just that!