Reduce postage

An easy way to save on postage costs

A few weeks ago, American residents and business owners were greeted by a familiar refrain: the U.S. Postal Service is considering yet another postage price hike. The news came only a few months after the organization’s last price increase in January, and had many people who rely on mail service up in arms.

This potential price jump could have a significant impact on regular citizens, but it will be a much bigger problem for businesses that send hundreds or even thousands of documents, letters and packages every day. In response, smart companies are likely looking for ways to reduce their postage budgets, but this isn’t always easy – reaching clients and customers with direct mail remains one of the most effective ways of building enduring relationships.

Send smarter, not less

One obvious solution for reducing expenses in the face of rising postage costs is to cut down on the amount of materials your company sends. This strategy, though, is short-sighted. Transactional and promotional documents remain integral for most businesses, so deciding to limit the number of these materials your company sends out is likely to have the opposite effect – it can hurt revenue and make your business less stable.

Root out inefficiencies

Luckily, this is not the only solution. Shrewd companies are finding that by using document workflow automation software, they can cut back on postage costs without having to limit the amount of mail they send out.

How is this possible? It’s simple. Most clients and customers receive multiple documents – often within a short period of time. An invoice, for example, will be followed shortly by a personalized letter, flyer about an upcoming promotion or some other form of communication. Without the right tools, these messages are usually sent out in separate envelopes with separate (increasingly costly) stamps.

However, with intuitive, powerful workflow automation software, it’s easy to have these messages automatically put into the same envelope, affixed with a single stamp and sent quickly to the right customer. No more separate envelopes, no more unnecessary postage – just a single package delivered as cheaply and efficiently as possible.

Looking for a way to cut postage costs without sacrificing customer engagements? Call Objectif Lune today to learn about how our document workflow automation software can help you save money while still delivering ideal service!