ad hoc mail consolidation

Take advantage of your ad hoc print jobs and mailings

One simple way to increase your productivity is better management of your ad hoc print jobs and mailings.

What is ad hoc printing and mailing? Just a few months ago I wasn’t familiar with this question, but it describes a very present reality in many companies.

Optimizing in-house print jobs and mailings

Objectif Lune has always talked about managing printings and mailings. From the start, we sought to help printing services optimize their production and offer their customers better services. Even though we have diversified our fields of expertise, this is still at the core of our business.

After 20 years, we could have thought we’d covered the entire field where printing is concerned. However, there are some activities related to printing and mailing that companies neglect and that our technology can optimize.

Management of ad hoc printing and mailing is one of these neglected activities. By managing these jobs better, companies would gain enormously in terms of productivity and profit.

A little background about ad hoc jobs

The key departments in an organization often each have one or more administrative employees serving the specific needs of each department. Small print jobs, such as letters and short document merge files, are issued on a one-off basis throughout the company. Think about welcome letters, bids, contracts, claim letters or all kinds of reminders sent to customers and suppliers. Each department’s administrative employees are constantly processing each kind of document.

Each of these mailings must be processed manually, placed in envelopes and stamped. These mailings are costly, because they require letterhead and preprinted envelopes. There is ink and postage and all this adds to the cost in each department.

Added to this are the costs related to equipment management (dedicated space, electricity, maintenance, training) and inventory, the cost of labour, and let’s not forget waste. All this is expensive and takes time. It is also very difficult to track these jobs and know exactly how much they cost.
In addition, it is difficult to verify the quality and compliance of what each employee sends.

And yet we’re talking about communications sent to your customers and suppliers, and thus your corporate image!

Are you ready to save a lot of time by consolidating your ad hoc jobs?

Companies would do nothing but benefit by centralizing all this work to ensure better tracking and save money.

Are you interested in knowing how to take better advantage of these ad hoc jobs? Objectif Lune has a solution that saves considerable costs by consolidating and automating these print jobs and mailings! Coming soon in February 2017!