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7 good reasons to adopt digital POD

I have often talked about proof of delivery in this blog because it is unavoidable. Today’s consumers use digital technology all the time: they look for information online, they compare online, and they buy online. Even B2B purchases are tending toward digitization. The only thing that remains tangible is the delivery itself.

So to fit into the customer’s digital environment, all processes associated with delivery are also becoming digital. And rightly so! Here are 7 facts on digital purchasing that will convince you to switch to digital POD!

7 facts that will convince you to switch to digital POD

  1. B2B buyers are making more and more online purchases: A Forrester study reports that, in 2015, 74% of B2B buyers looked for business merchandise online. That year, 30% had switched to online shopping, compared to almost double in 2017 (56%)! Such figures illustrate digital’s popularity among consumers.
  1. B2B e-commerce transactions are growing: Forrester determined that US transactions will reach $1.2 trillion by 2021. So it makes perfect sense for businesses to optimize all their purchase-related processes!
  2. The amount of PODs to be produced will not decrease: An office supply company producing between 300 and 600 PODs a month, for example, is going to have to produce even more with this boom in e-commerce.
  1. The massive number of deliveries around the world requires an equal number of PODs: Over 19 million packages are delivered daily by UPS, and 12 million by FedEx.
  1. With so many PODs, businesses will need to automate their processes: Yet 60% of companies providing delivery services still haven’t automated their proof of delivery process (Field Technologies).
  2. Process automation raises revenues: 77% of manufacturers who have automated their business processes have greater revenues on average than those who haven’t done so (Macola survey).
  1. Businesses need digital tools for greater efficiency: According to Aberdeen, only one-third of businesses can add visual or interactive content to information gathered in the field. Again, 67%have problems sharing key information among their various departments. With digital proof of delivery, they would be able to capture real-time data in the field and send it directly to the company.

By digitizing POD, companies will have the right tools to compete in the world of e-commerce and delivery. In fact, with digital POD, their processes will be automatic, their tasks will go faster and they’ll make fewer errors. And the billing process can start from the minute a POD has been verified. Businesses would be wrong to do without this competitive edge!

Have I persuaded you of the merits of digital POD? Visit our website to find out more about how you can optimize your POD process.

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