5 more PlanetPress Workflow ideas

After dealing with a very wide variety of customers over the years it has become fairly obvious that PlanetPress Workflow can meet the needs of nearly every one of them. Instead of an application that fixates on a single purpose, PlanetPress Workflow instead gives you building blocks (called plug-ins) that allow for the building of a solution that fits your exact needs. During many presentations I use the same analogy: PlanetPress workflow is like Lego blocks, the pieces are all there and we build a solution that fits (as opposed to trying to fit a fixed software package into your environment).

Automate Anything

Ever wonder how much company time is wasted by employees doing repetitive tasks that could be automated? I have often said that I could take PlanetPress Workflow into any company and find a way to save them time and money (I once thought that was an exaggerated statement but over time I have started to doubt just how exaggerated that is).

The ideas

Here are some things that could easily be setup in the workflow tool that are not always on the top of everyone’s minds:

  1. Poll databases to generate reports
  2. Poll network folders for file counts (or for specific files)
  3. Receive a post from a webpage and perform actions based on it (allows for some interactivity)
  4. Automatically moves files around (from FTP to your network, to an administrator via e-mail, etc.)
  5. Capture a print stream and run reports against it. Imagine having a PDF of your invoice run and actually going record to record for counts, totals, etc. All that is straight forward with PlanetPress workflow.

Starting one step at a time

In the past some larger types of workflows can seem overwhelming. However, just like most things in life, all we have to do is go step by step. Start with your file, add a plug-in, test it out. When it works, add another and another until you realize you have built quite a complex process 1 plug-in at a time. Due to the workflow tool’s graphical nature, troubleshooting is also a breeze. Step through your process step by step and see live what is currently happening and adjust accordingly.

Other than the total flexibility of PlanetPress Workflow it also allows for easy growth. Your original problem was that you wanted your print output to be printed and archived? No problem, we can set that up quickly within 1 process. A few months later, a new need arises: we need to pull from a database and send out a report by e-mail. Adding to your existing configuration is quite easy, add new process and you are off to the races. (As long as your input is different, the processes run on their own and won’t interfere with each other).